About The Center

Mission and Goals

The Center for Public Scholarship & Social Change brings together teams of faculty, students, and members of the community to engage collaboratively in research for public purposes. Aiming to leverage the ability for shared research on public issues, the Center for Public Scholarship lends assistance and expertise in identifying research issues, developing research designs, collecting data, writing up results, disseminating results, and working with policymakers and practitioners to resolve issues affecting local, regional, and global communities.

Goals for the Center include the following:

  • organize and direct focused research on public issues and develop new models, provide expertise, create linkages to support public impact activities, and help initiate and guide public policy decision-making;
  • collaborate with community organizations to define and prioritize the issues on which such research focuses;
  • support faculty, student, staff, and community research projects through the Polling and Research Office, including but not limited to research involving perceived community needs, quality of services, and attitudes of the public;
  • help raise the level of public awareness about and responsiveness to public issues;
  • coordinate faculty and visitor colloquia, workshops, and conferences to bring awareness to and support the development of community-based scholarship; and
  • offer funding opportunities for individual faculty members, visitors, students and student organizations to subsidize community-based research activities.

Leadership and Excellence Award

Leadership in Civic and Community Engagement by Faculty is awarded to Dr. Mary Glazier, view the entire blog here.

Our Work

Video of Dr. Glazier and alum of Millersville University speak about one of the projects the Center for Public Scholarship & Social Change conducted in Lancaster City Summer 2013.