Members of CPSSC

Program Staff

Dr. Carrie Smith, Program Coordinator 
Center for Public Scholarship and Social Change
Phone: 717-871-7478
Office: McComsey 231

Lori Leaman, Program Administrator
Center for Public Scholarship and Social Change
Phone: 717- 871-7622
Office: Second Floor, Huntingdon House

Faculty Affiliates

Dr. Mary Glazier

Dr. Laura Granruth

Dr. Jennifer Frank

Student Research Assistants

“The Center has helped me grow and develop my research skills, as well as given me the opportunity to give back to the local community. I have the privilege to work with professors, faculty, and fellow students who share the same passion. ”

- Helen Schirf, Graduate Assistant | M.S. Clinical Psychology

“I joined the Center to pursue working with Dr. Frank on a project about unsheltered homelessness in our local Lancaster community, however I was excited to find that I was interested in so many projects that were going on within the Center! I get to make connections, work with a fantastic team of individuals, all while engaging in a variety of projects that have an impact in my own community.”

- Jenna Graeff | Masters of Social Work

“I enjoy working with other MU students and faculty, as well as community stakeholders, on the Bridging the Gap/ Paper Trails qualitative research project.”

- Brittany Leffler | Masters of Social Work

“Social work is a profession that utilizes research to improve services and to further the profession, and the CPSSC gives me the chance to push myself to explore this skill.”

- Rachel Preibisch | Masters of Social Work

“I am a graduate student in the School of Social Work. I joined the Center to support community research and engagement attending to the needs of marginalized people in Lancaster. ”

- Dawn Watson | Masters of Social Work

“I enjoy working with the Center because of the projects they are part of. My passion is helping the underprivileged, and working with the Center has allowed me to do that in many ways. The students and faculty are amazing, and I have learned so much since I got involved!”

- Ashley Coblentz | Psychology

“I joined the Center in order to expand my knowledge of data collection and analysis. What I enjoy most is the people that I work with. All of us have the drive to get the work done and make new discoveries. ”

- Samuel Mackey | Sociology

“During my time at the CPSSC, I have had the opportunity to participate in meaningful community-based research that gave me the skills and confidence to take the next step in my career.”

- Ellie Rohrback | Sociology | Concentration: Criminology

“I joined the CPSSC because I wanted to become more involved in the community and provide services to people in the area.”

- Kristen Snyder | Social Work | Minor: Gerontology

“I appreciate this opportunity to grow, expand, and learn research skills from my peers to improve professionally.”

- Karizma Pomales |  Communication and Theatre