PA Certified Public Manager®

Leaders Wanted

MU’s nationally accredited Certified Public Manager® program will boost your career in the public and non-profit sectors.

  • Earn a nationally-recognized credential that will distinguish your professionalism
  • Increase your understanding of the unique characteristics of Pennsylvania’s public sector
  • Network with other public sector employees
  • Total Investment for all 7 courses and 3 Retreats: $3600.00

Next Cohort launches June 2024!

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A limited number of Workforce Development scholarships of $1800 are available. 

For more information about registration or scholarships, please contact Hope Schmids at (717) 871-7642 or

Why PA CPM and Why Now?

The quality and efficiency of management in government greatly impacts the lives of citizens. This nationally-recognized certificate program designed for public sector managers provides the requisite skill set needed to become an efficient and effective public manager. You will earn up to six graduate credits in West Chester University's Master of Public Administration program and become a member of your local American Society for Public Administration (ASPA) chapter. 

PA CPM Benefits Your Organization

  • Alignment: The PA CPM Curriculum is closely aligned with many current leadership training initiatives. In fact, several leadership programs across the commonwealth have been endorsed to receive PA Certified Public Manager® credit.
  • Organization-Wide Leadership Standards: The current state of leadership/management training in government agencies across PA is not uniform. Different agencies are training employees through different programs. The PA CPM program can provide a consistent standard to development across all agencies.
  • Managerial Career Path: The addition of the PA CPM curriculum creates an extended education path which has the potential to connecting current PA training initiatives with qualified bachelors and masters programs.
  • Return On Investment: The key assessment mechanism of the PA CPM program is the Capstone Project, which requires participants to apply the learning directly to an identified need in their department. Through research and analysis, the participant will develop an improvement plan within their sphere of influence that focuses on cost savings, revenue increase and/or customer satisfaction.
  • Nationally Recognized Credential: The CPM credential provides greater value because of its national accreditation. 
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CPM Benefits Your Marketability

  • Nationally Recognized Certification:  Your CPM certification will be recognized as a valuable workforce credential across the country. 
  • Increased Awareness: Participants will gain a deeper understanding of the unique characteristics of Pennsylvania's public sector, including perspectives from all levels of government.
  • Graduate Credits: CPM graduates will earn up to 6 graduate credits in West Chester University's Master of Public Administration program.

The PA program is a rigorous 308 total contact hours designed to develop the core leadership skills of the individual. Program content addresses key management and leadership development within the context of the unique structure of PA government. The program includes the development and completion of a Capstone Project, where you will apply the skills you have developed on an issue within your department or agency. This is the real ROI of the program.

Millersville University is fully accredited by the National Certified Public Manager Consortium proud to be the exclusive provider of the Certified Public Manager® credential in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

A Little History: 

us-paFormed in 1979, the National Certified Public Manager(CPM)® Consortium establishes and preserves standards for the Certified Public Manager® designation. The curricular competency model used can be found in Article III, Section 2 of the consortium by-laws. Those earning the Certified Public Manager® designation are eligible to become Fellows of the American Academy of Certified Public Managers. The consortium maintains and accredits a single higher educational institution in each participating state to deliver and manage the curricular requirements of this accrediting body.

For more information, please contact please contact Hope Schmids at (717) 871-7642 or