PA CPM Capstone Project

PA Certified Public Manager

The ROI of CPM:

As part of the PA CPM® program, each participant (cohort) will be required to initiate and participate in a Capstone Project that will count toward 60 hours of required PA CPM training. The focus of each Capstone Project should be departmental process improvement and/or resource savings. The Capstone Project is a comprehensive project plan that is implemented in the participant's work domain. The project is woven into various modules of the PA CPM Level II program. Participants will be given a detailed rubric outlining all aspects needed to complete the assignment.

We recommend that Supervisors or departmental managers approve the topic/subject of the Capstone Project. The following criteria exemplify an exceptional Capstone Project:

  • Innovative in its approach, and demonstrates an improvement in quality within thePM3 work unit as a result of the project.
  • Shows cost savings, increased revenue or increased customer satisfaction as a result of the implementation of the project.
  • An outstanding demonstration of CPM principles.
  • Significantly contributes to the organizational and work unit.

Each participant, as part of the final CPM® session, will give a 5-10 minute verbal and PowerPoint presentation of their Capstone Project to the class.

Looking for PA CPM Project Ideas? Below are links to the top projects across the entire country as recognized by AACPM.

Impact of Capstone:

The examples below represent the potential performance of various CPM® Capstone projects and is not intended to project actual financial results.

“$2.6M (combined cost savings and revenue) for first five classes all projects combined.” Patricia Hoppe – Manager, Office of Employee Development – State of Nevada – Las Vegas

“$25 Million dollars (revenue) in non-filed, unreported, or under-reported tax debt. … the benefits are ongoing as we now have a collaborative relationship with each of the regulatory agencies…” Jeff Scott, M.S.M., C.P.M. – Chief Compliance Officer – Kansas Dept of Revenue – Taxation