Costume Shop

The Costume Shop Established in 1982

The Loeb Costume Collection

In 1982 Millersville University embarked on an exciting new venture in theater with the acquisition of an extensive theatrical costume collection that is available for rental as well as on-campus productions.

The collection of well over 10,000 costumes was a gift to the University from Mrs. Jean Loeb of Lancaster, a veteran costumer of local productions. Mrs. Loeb had acquired the extensive collection in 1975 and for several years operated a rental service in Columbia, Pennsylvania.

The Loeb Costume Collection is largely derived from the inventory of Wass & Son costumers of Philadelphia.

Wass & Son was well known for more than a century as one of the leading costuming companies in the East and was responsible for outfitting thousands of productions and costume parties.

Today, the collection has grown to well over 25,000 costumes through additional acquisitions, construction, and donations.