Land Acknowledgement

What Is a Land Acknowledgement?

This is an indigenous Land Acknowledgement, which is a statement that recognizes the indigenous peoples who lived in the area where an institution has been built and currently operates. A land acknowledgement is about respecting and recognizing indigenous peoples and their relationships to land. It is spoken as a verbal statement given at the beginning of programs or events and may be embedded on a plaque and added to an institution’s website.

MU Land Acknowledgement

We would like to recognize the Native peoples of the lower Susquehanna River basin, those known and those unknown to us, who have stewarded the land, upon which Millersville University sits, for thousands of years. We acknowledge that the land on which we gather, study, and work is the ancestral land of the Conestogas, Susquehannocks, Shawnee, and others. One group, the Shenks Ferry people, had a village adjacent to the campus. We pay our respects to the traditional occupants and caretakers of this land.

pine tree


MU tree plaque