Force of NatireForce of Nature

Gretna Campbell and Louis Finkelstein
August 29–October 17, 2018

Gretna Campbell (1922–1987) and Louis Finkelstein (1923–2000) were married and associated with the Abstract Expressionist movement in the 1950’s, yet both artists also chose to remain true to their first love, painting in nature from the landscape. This traveling exhibition, curated by Don Kimes, is a reflection of their rediscovery in the world of contemporary art.

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StorehouseLife as we know it, a Storehouse Project

October 23–December 16, 2018

The concept for this exhibition is based on The Storehouse, a multi-disciplinary arts space run by Penny Duff and Michael Slaboch at their home in rural Southwest Michigan. In addition to a multi-media curated exhibition, the show will provide opportunities for students and visitors to actively engage with Duff’s notion of “the everyday as site, medium, and muse” and leave with a takeaway zine featuring artwork, recipes, poetry and more.

EXCERPTSExcerpts - C.R. Ettinger Studio

January 24–March 8, 2019

C. R. Ettinger Studio was established in Philadelphia in 1982 by Cindi Royce Ettinger. The studio specializes in intaglio and relief techniques and is the only professional etching studio in the Philadelphia area. This exhibition will feature a selection of original prints by a dozen artists exploring a wide range of subject matter and approach.

EckJoy of a Bird — The Art of a Solitary Life
Ralph Henry Eck, Jr. Memorial Exhibition

March 21–May 11, 2019

"So, if there be a joyful noise though... not too loud, almost about anything,.. then, your day can be that toward the joy of a bird."
-Ralph Henry Eck, Jr., from his writings

In gratitude, we celebrate the life work of Millersville University alumnus, elementary school teacher, factory worker, Korean war veteran and visionary painter Ralph Henry Eck, Jr. (1930–2015.) Eck created in obscurity, outside of any external validation or recognition, solely to bring joy to his own days. He made paintings using layer upon layer of house paint over found-objects and string. Fifteen unique paintings will be shown for the first time ever.

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