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The Electron Microscope Facility in Millersville University (MU) is devoted to materials testing. We have a Hitachi SU3900 Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) with multiple detectors: secondary electron (SE), backscattered secondary electon (BSE), ultra variable-pressure detector UVD, and energy dispersive spectrocopy (EDS) Ultim Max 40 X-ray System from Oxford Instruments. We also maintain supporting equipment and tools to facilitate materials preparation and testing. The supporting equipment include: a Gold (Au) sputter coater,  a Carbon (C) coater, a Zeiss optical microscope and a carbon dioxide critical point dryer. All equipment are available for use by faculty, students, researchers, other academic institutions, and industry. 

Acknowledgments: Acquisition of the Hitachi SU 3900 SEM was supported by the National Science Foundation, NSF-MRI - Award# 1919729

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Available to all MU departments and students. Even available to other Universities, High Schools, and Companies...

Electron Microscope & Supporting Equipment

The facility is located in Room 154 in the Caputo-Roddy building. Users can schedule time to use the SEM facility by contacting the EM technician: Mr. Calvin Montgomery