Core Competencies

English 220: Introduction to Language Study

Students who successfully complete this course will be able to:

  •  identify and discuss key issues related to these fields and subfields, including the neurology of language, language acquisition, language variation (in both its regional and social dimensions), and language change.
    • Identify 3 principles of language acquisition.
    • Describe regional and social variation of language.
    • Identify examples of linguistic change.
  •  apply methods of linguistic analysis to language structures and meanings, including phonology (sounds), morphology (words), syntax (sentences), semantics (meanings), and pragmatics (contexts).
    • Apply an appropriate technique of linguistic analysis to a given problem.

UNIV 103: Seminar for English Majors

Students who complete the course successfully will be able

  • to recognize major theories, theorists, and critical approaches to “text."
  • to develop critical vocabulary and apply it in analysis of literary and cultural texts.
  • to apply major theoretical and critical approaches to their own reading and writing about literature.
  • to produce texts marked with clarity, precision, depth and correctness.