Master of Arts in History (M.A.)

About the Program

The Master of Arts degree in history at Millersville University offers advanced training in American, European and world history. Helping you achieve your goals is central to all of Millersville’s graduate programs. The M.A. in history is no exception – flexibility is key, and you have the option to tailor the program to encompass all of your interests. Courses are offered in the evening during the regular school year, and during the day in the summer. The program is designed to appeal to both teaching professionals who want advanced study in the teaching of history and students who wish to prepare for continuing graduate study in history.

Admission and Degree Requirements

Admission Requirements

The Master of Arts in History is available to all qualified students. Applicants for the Master of Arts in History must have earned a minimum of 18 s.h. of History and an undergraduate quality point average in History courses of a least 3.0 as well as an overall undergraduate quality point average of at least 2.85. Others may be conditionally admitted pending departmental approval. For additional admissions information refer to the Graduate Catalog (PDF).

General Requirements

  1. All students must take Hist 501, 502, 503, 505, 506, 507, and 520.
  2. All students must take at least two seminars (600 level).
  3. With prior written approval from the graduate coordinator, a student may take up to six hours of related non-history courses.
  4. For admission to degree candidacy, upon completion of 9 s.h. in history, but before the completion of 12 s.h.,  all students are required to take a qualifying examination. Two field examiners plus one additional faculty member will conduct an oral examination based upon previously written answers.

Thesis Option - 36 s.h.

Students who elect to write a thesis must register for Hist. 699 and successfully defend an approved thesis based on original research. Additionally, 6 s.h. of electives are required.

Non-Thesis Option - 36 s.h.

Students who elect not to write a thesis are required to take an additional 9 s.h. of electives, of which at least 3 s.h. must be a 600 level history course.

The History Department requires that all students enrolled in the M. A. program maintain the level of academic progress described in the Admissions Requirement section. In addition to University requirements, beginning with the Fall 1995 semester, any student entering the History graduate program who receives a second C in his/her degree program is automatically suspended from the program. A student suspended on this basis must petition the Department's Chairperson and graduate faculty for reinstatement.

Course Descriptions

For current course descriptions and additional information, please consult the Graduate Catalog (PDF).