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As the first fundraising campaign in Millersville University history focused entirely on students, the “Imagine the Possible” campaign has also become the largest fundraising campaign in the history of Millersville University -- raising a final fundraising total of $110,056,873 -- thanks to the tremendous generosity of many gracious donors.

Celebrating this amazing accomplishment provides a valuable opportunity to reflect on the transformative benefits of campaign fundraising support for thousands of Millersville University students who are fulfilling their dreams of success. 

Thank you for the truly extraordinary support for student success!

Report of Gifts

Experience the extraordinary highlights of the historic "Imagine the Possible" campaign, reflecting the outstanding accomplishments of thousands of students, and the valuable impact of fundraising support from the generous Millersville University community!

View and download the "Imagine the Possible" Campaign Report of Gifts (PDF).

Exceeding the Imagination

Celebrate Millersville University's historic "Imagine the Possible" campaign success!

Through the outstanding commitment to benefit students from the entire Millersville University community, the remarkable “Imagine the Possible” campaign surpassed its overall fundraising goal of $90 million in March of 2022 and continued to make incredible progress, transcending expectations to reach more than $100 million in January of 2023, while experiencing phenomenal growth with historic campaign milestones.

Explore this amazing journey of fundraising success and life-changing benefits for Millersville University students!