Policies for Human Resources

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Appointment Procedures for Vice Presidents, other Members of Cabinet, and DeansHuman Resources
ADA Reasonable Accommodation and AccessHuman Resources
Employee Absence During Work Hours To Attend ClassesHuman Resources
Faculty Tuition ReimbursementHuman Resources
Flexible Scheduling PolicyHuman Resources
Flexible Work Arrangement PolicyHuman Resources
Graduate Assistant EmploymentHuman Resources
Hiring of Management Level EmployeesHuman Resources
Hiring of Newly Created Permanent and Temporary Management Level Employees PositionsHuman Resources
Hosting Academic Interns from Other Universities and Colleges at Millersville UniversityHuman Resources
Retired Faculty and Staff Identification CardHuman Resources
Service and Emotional Support AnimalsHuman Resources
Smoking PolicyHuman Resources
Tuition Waiver for Faculty Managers SCUPA Coaches, Nurses and PhysiciansHuman Resources
University Delay and Closing PolicyHuman Resources