Comparative Literature Minor

Degree: Minor

Gain a global perspective and an awareness of cultural diversity through the Comparative Literature minor within the English program at Millersville University.

Why Study This Program?

Adopt an international and global perspective to your study of literature, while increasing your sensitivity to cultural diversity through a minor in Comparative Literature. The Comparative Literature program exposes students to the study of various national literatures, the varied cultures from which these literatures emerge, foreign languages and the comparative mode which orders and guides this wide ranging and challenging endeavor. 

This minor is offered as a collaboration between the English and foreign languages departments, and is available to students from any major. 

What Will You Learn?

Both English and non-English majors may take elective courses in Comparative Literature to fulfill their minor requirements. You will gain the critical skills needed to read, study, research and write about a variety of world literatures. This course of study grants you a diverse and truly global perspective of texts, historical periods, genres, styles, authors and larger cultural considerations.

In addition to Comparative Studies, English majors can opt to minor in American literature, British literature, journalism, linguistics or writing studies.