Educational Studies

Degree: B.A.

Millersville University's multidisciplinary Educational Studies program equips students who have a desire to teach outside of the public school environment.

Why Study This Program?

A degree in Educational Studies prepares you to work in the field of education, outside of public schooling. This unique program recognizes the important educational opportunities provided by private schools, social services agencies, museums, new education start-ups and others.

As you progress through Millersville University's Educational Studies program, you will experience the University's well renowned education department through a diverse, interdisciplinary study of the humanities, social sciences and arts. 

Educational Studies is a concentration within the Multidisciplinary Studies program, and graduates receive a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.).

What Will You Learn?

The Educational Studies program coursework prepares students to think about teaching and learning in diverse settings, and matches them with valuable field experiences and internships according to their interests. 

You will split your studies between Foundations of Education and Sociocultural & Contemporary Approaches to Education, which are the major's two core programs. Foundations of Education classes explore modern education, instructional technology and educational struggles. Sociocultural & Contemporary Approaches classes encourage you to consider anthropology, diversity and child-centered strategies when teaching.

Your study will conclude with individualized real-world experiences through research, internships or practicums to prepare you specifically for relevant careers in our modern world.