Global Studies

Degree: B.A.

Learn about all aspects of international and regional geographic issues with Millersville University's Global Studies program.

Why Study This Program?

Millersville University's Global Studies concentration, housed within the Geography major, offers a comprehensive program of study in international and regional geographic issues, including people, communities and culture. With an emphasis in international understanding, this program uniquely merges the social sciences and the natural sciences into one comprehensive program, allowing students to receive a well-rounded educational experience. 

Graduates of this program have been provided the foundation for further academic study in disciplines addressing geographic, environmental and international issues, or for immediate use in professional fields such as planning, public policy, law and environmental management.

Global Studies is available as concentration within the Geography major and as a minor. Students who successfully complete their major and minor requirements earn a Bachelor of Art (B.A.) degree in Geography.

What Will You Learn?

As a Global Studies student, you will take classes regarding human and physical geography, as well as map interpretation and more. Regional emphases in the department include Latin America, Africa, Europe and Canada in addition to the United States. Class size is typically fewer than 20 students. In addition, students are expected to complete either a co-op in geography or a senior thesis. 

Students have access to a wide variety of facilities including the Geo-Graphics Laboratory, which supports research projects of individual faculty and faculty-mentored student research. The Geography faculty has developed professional relationships within the public and private sectors that have resulted in many students finding internship and job placements in a field directly related to their interests.