Journalism Minor

Degree: Minor

A minor in Journalism can sharpen your writing and content creation skills, making you valuable in a wide range of careers and graduate study but especially in the field of journalism.

Why Study This Program?

A minor in journalism will prepare you for a career in reporting, content creation in other media formats, and give you a better understanding of the news media as a consumer. First and foremost, you will learn the craft of journalism and how reporters do what they do. You will also learn the philosophical basis for journalism’s role in American society.

The goal of minor in journalism is to expand your career opportunities as a complement to your major. Students in the PR major need to know how news media work. Students in other areas of communication will strengthen their abilities in this vital part of the field. It is also valuable for students of any major to add reporting to their professional skillsets to improve their ability to communicate with the public about their profession.

What Will You Learn?

Both Communication and non-Communication majors may take elective courses in Journalism to fulfill their minor requirements. Classes cover topics such as basic news writing, ethical and legal issues, data analysis in news reporting, feature writing, editing, and page design. Journalism courses at Millersville University include Journalism and Society, Fundamentals of Journalism, Advanced Reporting in a Diverse World, Computer Assisted Reporting, and Feature Writing.