Linguistics Minor

Degree: Minor

Explore the science of language and its evolution by focusing your study of English through a minor in Linguistics.

Why Study This Program?

Gain insight into the fundamental aspects of human communication through a minor in Linguistics. The Linguistics program introduces students to all major branches of the science of language including descriptive, historical and applied linguistics. You will work alongside passionate English professors at Millersville University who regularly publish books and articles, present their research at professional conferences, and engage students and colleagues in research, publishing and presentations.

The Linguistics program is available as an option within the English major or as a minor to any MU student. English majors who graduate from this program receive a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in English degree with an option in Linguistics.

What Will You Learn?

Both English and non-English majors may take elective courses in Linguistics to fulfill their minor requirements. You will have the opportunity to explore the history of English, transformational grammar, American dialects, applied linguistics and more. In addition, students complete the equivalent of two semesters of foreign language study. Upon completion of this option, students are well prepared to pursue a variety of graduate and professional tracks.

In addition to Linguistics, English majors can opt to minor in American literature, British literature, journalism or writing studies.