Military Science Minor

Degree: Minor

The Military Science Minor enhances students' individual leadership skills and prepares them for future leadership opportunities across a broad range of disciplines.

Why Study this program?

Millersville University’s Minor in Military Sciences offers coursework from a number of departments including the Departments of Military Science, History, Government and Geography. This path allows the student to pursue a diverse program that incorporates military history, ethics, public administration and the use of the military as an instrument of educational enhancement. While the Military Science classes are taught through a military lens, the components of adaptability, teamwork, comprehensive fitness, leadership and critical thinking are interdisciplinary and applicable regardless of a student's chosen future career paths.

What Will You Learn?

The Minor in Military Science is an 18-credit program that offers an introduction to Military Science with core courses in Self and Team Development and Leadership. Depending upon the individual enrolled in the program, the remaining requirements offer an opportunity to continue examining contemporary military issues also with military management and tactics as well as individual case studies on significant military events from as diverse topics as the Crusades, the American Civil War, the World Wars and Vietnam War. Other alternatives offer a more thematic approach that expand upon the core requirements.