School Counseling

Degree: M.Ed.

Receive training in specific skills, theories and practices necessary to implement programs of change and transformation in school settings with Millersville University's graduate-level School Counseling program.

Why Study This Program?

Develop your passion for serving students through the challenging coursework and practical experiences incorporated in the graduate-level School Counseling program. Pennsylvania certifications in school counseling have moved away from separate categories of “Elementary School Counselor” and “Secondary School Counselor” and toward a unified certification of “PK-12 School Counselor." Millersville University offers 39, 51, and 60-credit School Counseling programs with the option for Pennsylvania Department of Education certification. 

This graduate-level course of study provides candidates with a multidisciplinary approach to school counseling through careful examination of knowledge bases and research in the fields of education, psychology and counseling. This program emphasizes the combined use of soft skills, such as relationship formation and maintenance, and hard skills, such as data-based decision making and evidence-based practices, in preparing school counselors as agents of change. Graduates of this comprehensive program of study will be prepared to work in an educational health setting or pursue an advanced doctoral study.

Graduates of this program receive a Master of Education (M.Ed.) degree in School Counseling.

What Will You Learn?

Students of the graduate-level School Counseling program will learn to approach the field from the research and knowledge perspectives of education, psychology and counseling. Coursework explores educational foundations, child development, counseling theories, classroom intervention and more. Students will also complete a semester-long, 100-hour field experience at a practicum site.

School Counseling at Millersville University

Millersville University’s graduate program in school counseling prepares students for certification and licensure.