Technology & Innovation

Degree: M.S.

We live in a world full of technology. Whether we are looking at something as simple as a pencil or as complex as a computer, both examples represent communication technologies. Regardless of their simplicity or complexity, both also contain the stories of innovation as a driving force toward their creation, use and improvement. Innovation is driven by a wide variety of thinking strategies including creativity and analysis. Learn how to put innovation to work for you in a variety of professional contexts through the Master of Science in Technology & Innovation program at Millersville University.

Why Study This Program?

The new Master of Science in Technology & Innovation program is perfect for many adult learners because it can be customized to fit different life situations and professional development needs. Courses have been developed to engage students in innovative thought and action through the application of creativity, problem solving, critical thinking, decision making and design thinking. 

This flexible program is appropriate for educators and non-educators alike. The goal of the Technology & Innovation curriculum is to accentuate and complement your undergraduate degree by providing you with new ways of thinking about the world and the problems we must all deal with on a daily basis. Students taking this degree program include teachers from across all grade levels and content areas, entrepreneurs and people from business and industry, engineers and technologists, and scientists.  Having people from such diverse backgrounds and experiences blended into the Technology & Innovation core courses results in an enriching experience for everyone. The specialization of the program toward your unique professional development needs occurs when you select whether to pursue the Education Concentration or the Enterprise Concentration.  For more information on those concentrations you should go to the Department Link to the right of this page. Both concentrations within this degree can be completed in three different ways, a thesis, a capstone project and report, or five (5) elective courses with a common theme. A range of elective courses can be taken to meet your needs, the classes are offered at a variety of times and students are able to use technology to enhance the delivery of the courses to locations in the greater eastern Pennsylvania and mid-Atlantic region.

Applicants to this graduate-level program must possess a baccalaureate degree from an accredited four-year college or university. Graduates receive a Master of Science degree in Technology & Innovation.

What Will You Learn?

The Technology & Innovation Core Courses are designed to teach students how to be innovative by learning how to think like a designer, or an engineer, or an entrepreneur, or any person who uses his or her full range of thinking strategies toward solving problems and making decisions. These thinking strategies can be applied by any human being and are thus universal in nature.

Those students going into the Education Concentration also take a series of courses about research methods, psychology and philosophy in education. Students in this concentration have the option to select from elective courses that lead to a Pennsylvania Department of Education endorsement in such areas as STEM education, gifted education and online teaching.

Students entering the Enterprise Concentration take their own series of courses in business, business administration and statistics/data analytics. Students in this concentration can also take a series of elective courses that would lead to a graduate level certificate in entrepreneurship.