Millersville Scholars Program

Millersville Scholars Program

The Millersville Scholars Program provides a supportive community for students to strengthen the skills needed to excel in college. The program encourages students to question, alter, inspect, and challenge their experiences for the purpose of constructive self-actualization. Students and staff of the Millersville Scholars Program provide a supportive community for success that allows students to share experiences, strategies, and a positive vision for the future.

Academic Year

Upon completion of the Pre-Scholars Summer Institute, students are transitioned into the Millersville Scholars Program (MSP), which extends support throughout the students’ first year. Students are assigned an outreach counselor with whom they meet on a regular basis. The outreach counselor provides guidance on a variety of academic, personal, and social situations and monitors the student’s academic progress. Students also participate in weekly Structured Study sessions and monthly Scholars Meetings.

Selection Process

Selection for the Pre-Scholars Summer Institute is highly selective with a limited number of slots per summer. Students are selected for program consideration after a rigorous initial screening of their general application for admission to Millersville University. A wide variety of personal and educational factors are weighed in the selection of students.

Some students may be selected to interview for consideration.  The interview seeks to discover other student characteristics that will correlate with likely educational success including: resilience, realistic self-appraisal, long-term goal orientation, positive self-concept, leadership, service in the community, mentorship, and dealing successfully with systemic challenges.