Pre-Scholars Summer Institute (PSSI)

Pre-Scholars Summer Institute

Students selected for the Pre-Scholars Summer Institute participate in a four week, six credit extensive program from July to start of freshmen orientation. PSSI is focused on academic, community and interpersonal skill development in a highly structured and highly supportive environment. Students learn to embrace a positive attitude towards their education and gain the skills necessary for success in higher education.

During the academic year, students are expected to excel in a rigorous academic experience that is supported with strong advisement, personal counseling, and a vibrant living / learning community. The values of the Millersville Scholars Program are centered on scholarship, achievement, and community.

Selection Process

Selection for the Pre-Scholars Summer Institute is highly selective with a limited number of slots per summer. Students are selected for program consideration after a rigorous initial screening of their general application for admission to Millersville University. A wide variety of personal and educational factors are weighed in the selection of students.

Some students may be selected to interview for consideration.  The interview seeks to discover other student characteristics that will correlate with likely educational success including: resilience, realistic self-appraisal, long-term goal orientation, positive self-concept, leadership, service in the community, mentorship, and dealing successfully with systemic challenges.