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The Robert S. and Sue Walker Center for Civic Responsibility and Leadership provides student-centered educational and developmental projects and activities. It is premised on the view that through civic education students will be awakened and equipped to become active leaders in civic affairs.

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Statement from Robert S. Walker

Walker Center

"The Walker Center at Millersville University is an extension of my commitment and my family’s commitment to public service. From my father’s tenure as a Millersville professor through my wife Sue’s history as an educator and Board Chairman at Millersville to the lessons I learned at Millersville that I used during my service in the United States Congress, for us Millersville always has been a foundation for development of public service action and understanding. The Walker Center makes that tradition real and permanent." 

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Walker Center


Huntingdon House
8 South George St.
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Duane Hagelgans, J.D., CSP
Associate Professor

Director, Robert S. & Sue Walker Center

Center for Disaster Research and Education
Lancaster House

Kelsey Kman
Graduate Assistant

Phone: 717-871-7626

Walker Center for Civic Responsibility and Leadership
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