Awards & Receiving Aid

Your Financial Aid Package

Once the Millersville University Office of Financial Aid has received your FAFSA results and other forms, if required, a financial aid package is developed based on your financial need. Scholarships and grants for which you are eligible are awarded first, followed by employment and loans.

The Office of Financial Aid will send you an Award Statement (to incoming students) or an email notification (to returning or currently enrolled students) outlining the financial aid included in your package. Any time your financial aid award changes, you will be notified with a new Award Statement (to incoming students) or by email notification (to returning or currently enrolled students). The paper Award Statements are numbered (the highest number is the most recent).

All returning or current students are notified by email through their Millersville University email account. Only incoming students (newly admitted or transfer students) will receive paper award statements. All other students may print out their award statement from their MAX account.

Special Circumstances

Although the process of determining your financial aid eligibility is basically the same for all applicants, there is some flexibility in specific circumstances. Some examples of special circumstances include reduction of income due to job loss, or change in status (full-time to part-time) or reduction of wages, loss of child support payments, unreimbursed medical expenses, or unreimbursed child care expenses (such as expenses for special needs students).

If you feel you have any special circumstances that might affect the amount you and your family are expected to contribute, be sure to contact the Office of Financial Aid. When calculating your financial aid awards, we use the information from your FAFSA, which has the most recent tax year information provided, which may not be reflective of your current situation.

Receiving Your Financial Aid

The Bursar's Office is responsible for billing and disbursing your financial aid. Your financial aid comes directly to the university and is applied to your university charges (tuition and fees, if commuting from home or living in an off-campus apartment or tuition, fees, room, and board, if living on-campus in the dorms).

Any excess funds will be mailed to you at the local address you have on file with the Registrar's Office at the time of disbursement or by direct deposit, if you signed up for that with the Bursar’s Office. Any excess funds for the PLUS loan will be mailed by check to the parent who took out the loan to his/her home address.

Please note that federal funds cannot be disbursed to the university more than 5 days before the semester begins. This means that your account on MAX will show a balance due until the money has been received. As long as all aid has been processed and is set to disburse, the Bursar’s Office will give you credit for the financial aid towards your bill.

Please note, students who reside off-campus in residences not billed by Millersville University (at home with parents, in an off-campus apartment, or in Shenks Hall or Reighard Hall, which are off-campus dormitories) may choose to have a meal plan – in order to receive the meal plan and have it billed to you with your other charges, contact the Bursar’s Office at 717-871-5101 to add the meal plan. You can view meal plan choices on the Bursar’s Office website (use the link to the Bursar’s Office on the left). Adding a meal plan will increase your university charges so if you are expecting a refund to help cover your off-campus living expenses (rent, utilities, etc.), the refund amount will be reduced by the cost of the meal plan.

Please note that direct deposit refunds are usually available 3 business days after the refund has been issued and refund checks mailed are usually received 3-5 days after the refund has been issued.