Faculty Policies

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Academic Dishonesty and Plagiarism - FacultyFaculty
Chairperson Election ProcedureFaculty
Complement Counting for Chair Stipends and Minimum Workload EquivalentsFaculty
Continuing Education Policy for Credit-Bearing CoursesFaculty
Emeritus StatusFaculty
Faculty Eligibility for PASSHE Faculty Professional Development Council (FPDC) GrantsFaculty
Faculty Office Hours Fall 2021Faculty
Field Experiences CoordinatorFaculty
Graduate Assistants Assisting in the Absence of FacultyFaculty
Individualized Instruction Assignments under the Fee Waiver PolicyFaculty
Job Description Review for New SUA PositionFaculty
Library Borrowing Policy - FacultyFaculty
Performance of Bargaining Unit Work - VolunteersFaculty
Performance Review and Evaluation of FacultyFaculty
Promotion Statement - FacultyFaculty
Requesting Extra-Departmental Committee Members and Acting Chairpersons and Changes to Departmental Evaluation CommitteesFaculty
Sabbatical LeavesFaculty
Search Procedures for Director of Athletics PositionFaculty
Summer SchoolFaculty
Tenure StatementFaculty
Textbook Selection GuidelinesFaculty
Time and Effort ReportingFaculty
Travel and Field CoursesFaculty
Voluntary Faculty EvaluationsFaculty
Winter and Summer Office HoursFaculty