Travel Do(s) & Do Not(s)

A Quick Reference the travel regulations and policies to be sure you understand your responsibilities.

Do...take responsibility of your own expenses.

Do...anticipate your travel, allowing sufficient time (at least two weeks prior to registration deadline date) for processing paperwork.

Do...provide completed registration forms (completed by the traveler) with the Travel Request Form. sure all required signatures are on your forms when submitted.

Do...provide a complete explanation of travel as is pertains to the benefit derived by the University on the Travel Expense Voucher.

Do...provide individual dates and times for trip departure and destination. Example: 1/1/24 from MU to Harrisburg 8am 43 miles and 1/3/24 Harrisburg to MU 3pm 43 mi.

Do...submit Student Teacher Observation Expenses on a monthly, NOT semester basis.

Do...remember that all travel expenses submitted against a restricted fund are subject to the same Commonwealth Travel Regulations as non-restricted funds.

Do...use Enterprise when required.  NOTE:  if Enterprise is the least expensive mode of transportation and you opt to use your personal vehicle, you will be reimbursed the least expensive option.

Do expenses on behalf of others.

Do not...hold or accumulate Travel Expense Forms. A completed form should be submitted separately and promptly after each trip.  Any expenses submitted after 90days are not reimbursable.

Do not...send incomplete forms. Be sure to include original receipts, proper signature and a detailed explanation of reason for travel.  Nothing can be assumed.  Details are required.

Do not...forget to include all funding information. Fund/Org/Program for each dollar amount if more than one department should be charged.

Do Not...forget to attach original (no copies), itemized receipts. Receipts must include name and address of vendor or hotel, dates, description and amount paid. This should not be a copy of a personal check, a credit card statement, nor a copy of the actual receipt

Click here for Example Travel Request or Example Travel Expense Voucher