GPA Calculator

Calculator Directions

With this program you can determine:

  1. What your current GPA is.
  2. What you would need to maintain a higher GPA.

*Please note that this calculation is, while accurate, only an estimation and should not be used to determine graduating GPA. Consult your DARS or the registrar's office for further details.


  1. Select the number of courses you have taken
  2. Select the grade you want to graduate with
  3. In the table:
    1. Select the number of credits each class was worth.
    2. Select the corresponding grade that you received.
    3. Remember to exclude any classes:
      • that you have retaken (the old grade)
      • withdraws
      • Incompletes
      • any classes taken Pass/Fail
      • or any classes audited
  4. The numbers in the green Calculated Information box should automatically update with the correct values

GPA Calculator

Calculated Information

  • Your current GPA is:
  • Your current Credit total is:

To get a(n) , you will have to maintain a in the rest of your classes.

  # of Credits Grade Received