Contact Us/Directions

Contact Us/Directions

Plan your route

To help students navigate from our most common parking lots/garages to our most common classroom buildings we have created the following parking/walking guides. Click each map for a detailed view (PDF).

Pucillo Dr. Garage
Park at Pucillo Dr. Garage and walk to Roddy/Caputo Hall or Susan P. Luek Hall

Walking map from Pucillo Dr. Garage to Roddy/Caputo Hall and Susan P. Luek Hall

Ann St. Parking Lot
Park at Ann Street Parking Lot and walk to McComsey Hall

Walking map from Ann St. parking lot to McComsey Hall

Student Memorial Center Rear Parking Lot
Park at SMC rear parking lot and walk to the Library or McComsey Hall

Walk from Student Memorial Center Lower Lot to the Library or McComsey Hall

Prince Street Garage
Park at the Prince St. Garage and walk to Stayer or Wickersham

Walking map from Prince St. Garage to Wickersham or Stayer