Resources For Student Organizations

Resources for Student Organizations

  • The following guidelines explain the process of depositing money and having checks cut from your organization account with Student Services, Inc. 

    • All student organizations are required to have a signature sheet on file.  This must be completed each academic year.  The sheet is part of your registration processFailure to complete the sheet will result in your organization’s account being frozen.
    • Click here for the 2019-20 Signature Form.
    • Money may be deposited into your organization account at the Student Memorial Center Banking Center, Monday through Friday 8:00a.m. – 4:30p.m. You can review all transactions on “Get Involved”.
    • To have checks written or a request for a Purchase Order from your organization account, a Form #1 and a copy of the invoice (check) or quote (purchase order) to be paid are required.

     Request for Payment:

    • An invoice must be attached to the Form #1; payments will not be made from a statement, please make sure you are using the invoice!
    • All invoices must include a full mailing address

     Request for Reimbursement:

    • All receipts must show amount, date and place of business
    • In case of travel reimbursements, you must show proof of payment.  For example, an airline/hotel itinerary or estimates from a car rental dealer are not proof of payment.  The proof of payment should show that payment was made by cash, check or credit card. (Reimbursement for gas can either be mileage, or receipt(s) for gasoline purchase.)  Mileage is equal to current rate set by IRS.
    • If receipts are lost or incomplete, i.e. name of business not on register receipts, date incomplete or not on receipt, etc., a letter must accompany the Form #1 clearly stating the reasons for discrepancy.  The Advisor must sign the attachment.

     Request for Purchase Order:

    • A vendor quote showing the actual price must be attached to the Form 1.
    • Submit the Form 1 at the Banking Center window and we will create a purchase order for you. You will receive a copy of the Purchase Order to enable you to make your purchase.
    • The Banking Center will hold your Form 1 on file for payment processing.

    Directions for completing a Form #1:

    • Fill in the amount of $ needed for the check or Purchase Order
    • Invoice or Quote # - Write in the invoice or quote number shown on the attachment
    • To: - The Payee (who the document should be made out to)
    • Address: - The full address of the Payee
    • Description: - A full explanation for the request
    • Organization: - Your organization name
    • Date: - Date of request
    • Signature Lines: Each Form #1 must have two signatures, the Treasurer and/or President and the Advisor. These signatures should match the signature sheet. If you are reimbursing yourself, please have the other officer sign the Form 1.
    • General Ledger Code is for our office use only
    • You may choose how the check is distributed – Any Form #1 that does not have a preference will be mailed.  Checks that are marked for pick–up will be held for two weeks from issue date. They will be mailed to the address on the check after the two week time period.
    • You may choose allocated or funds raised to determine which part of your funds the money should be withdrawn. Any Form #1 that does not have a preference will be withdrawn from Funds Raised.
    • You must supply of copy of the invoice if it needs to be sent with the check.
    • Checks are available for pick-up on Tuesdays and Fridays after 3:00p.m.  Form #1’s received on Fridays and Mondays 8:00a.m. – 3:00p.m. will be available on Tuesdays.  Form #1’s received on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 8:00a.m. – 3:00p.m. will be available on Fridays.
    • The bank charge for Stop Payment is $40.00. Any organization that requires a stop payment must submit a request in writing. A Stop Payment will incur a $40.00 charge to your account.

    If your organization has depleted all the funds deposited with Student Services, Inc., the president/treasurer and advisor to your organization will be notified.  No Form #1s will be processed and no funds released until a balance is available in the organization’s account.

    Monthly statements will not be provided. You may check all transactions in the Finance section of “Get Involved”. You are encouraged to monitor your account for accuracy and report any discrepancies to the Banking Center in a timely manner.

    If you need information about tax exempt status, please stop by the Banking Center.

    Contact the Banking Center, extension 7630 if you have any questions.

    Or visit

  • An organization may request technical operations including, but not limited to: computers, projectors, screens, speakers, etc on the Event Request form on Get Involved.

  • Any questions or information regarding the SMC should be directed at the SMC operations and Information Desk Manager Izzy Mailen at or 871-5831.

    Please review the following policies in regards to the Student Memorial Center:

    The following regulations apply not only in the meeting rooms but in the entire Student Memorial Center:

    1. The members of the organization, their associates, and their guests are responsible for any damage to the facility and/or equipment located in a room or to the Student Memorial Center.  If a member and/or guest of an organization notices damage to a room, it should be reported prior to the start of the meeting.          
    2. Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the building.
    3. The misuse of furnishings is not permitted.  Feet are not permitted on tables or chairs and sitting on tables is prohibited.
    4. Candle burning is prohibited.
    5. The use of alcohol or controlled substances is strictly prohibited.
    6. All rooms must be returned to their original state at the conclusion of a meeting/event.  Charts of how the room should look are located at the SMC information desk.
    7. At the closure of the Student Memorial Center at 12p.m., all organizations must immediately cease their meeting, regardless of a situation. 
    8. Shirts and shoes must be worn properly in the meeting rooms and the entire Student Memorial Center.
    9. Loud, profane or abusive language is prohibited. Violent or abusive behavior is strictly prohibited.
    10. Sleeping is not permitted in the meeting rooms and the entire Student Memorial Center.
    11. Pets are not permitted in the SMC, with the exception of those used to aid the visually impaired. 
    12. Removing flip charts/easels from room is prohibited.
    13. Unlocking or propping doors that have been locked after hours is strictly prohibited and will result in immediate suspension of the organization’s privileges to use the Student Memorial Center.
    14. Failure to cooperate with staff members may result in the immediate suspension of privileges.
    15. Any group using the SMC who needs to unload from a vehicle must do it at the south SMC entrance near harbold and the fitness center or the Shenks Lane loading dock.  No vehicles may be driven past the large round planters onto the brick area around and in the promenade.  Failure to follow these rules may result in a ticket or towing.

    This is the SMC Sign/Banner Policy:

    1. Signs must be approved by the Information Desk before they may be displayed in the Student Memorial Center.
    2. Signs are allowed to be posted on designated Bulletin boards only.  Do not post signs on doors, windows or walls!
    3. Signs are limited to one per bulletin board. 
    4. Banners must also be approved by the Information Desk of the Student Memorial Center before they may be displayed in the Student Memorial Center.
    5. Banners are limited to a three (3) feet high and five (5) feet wide size.
    6. Banners are allowed to be displayed for a two (2) week period.  At the end of this time, they will be removed and discarded.
    7. Banners are allowed to be displayed from the balcony of the Student Memorial Center only.
    8. The Student Memorial Center staff is not responsible for any fallen/vandalized banners.
    9. Banners not meeting the above criteria will be approved on an individual basis by the Operations/Night Manager of the Student Memorial Center.
    10. Any Sign/Banner placed on an undesignated area shall be removed!
    11. Banners, signs, etc. will not be approved that have reference to drugs and/or alcohol.  This includes advertising specials related to purchasing (i.e. $2 drafts etc.)

    The process of terminating privileges for the Student Memorial Center will operate according to the “Three Strike Policy”.  If a violation occurs an organization will be given the following:

    1. A written warning serving as a notice what rule was in violation and an informal reminder of policies set.
    2. A written warning serving as a formal notice that organization has received two warnings and to what consequences will occur in the event of a further violation.
    3. A formal letter serving as official notice that all privileges in the Student Memorial Center for the remainder of the semester have been terminated.

    Upon receiving either of the first two letters, an organization will have the opportunity to discuss the problem with the Building/Night/Operations Managers.  If an organization chooses to do this, it will be taken into consideration if a third violation happened to occur.  Due to that, with the final termination letter, there will be no chance to appeal.

  • The Copy Shop offers charge accounts for Student Organizations.

    Applications can be picked up in the Copy Shop and must be signed by the organization advisor. These accounts are billed monthly.

  • Organizations wishing to host trips most provide tickets for the events in order to make them available to the entire student body. Requests for Ticketing options is available on Get Involved. Please adhere to the trips section in the Student Senate Finance Guidelines for the policies on ticket sales. Please direct all questions to the Ticket Sales Manager Amber Guinther at ext 7600.