• Kindness is the best medicine.

    Quan Nguyen
  • Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me.

    Roseanne Daecher
    Community Member
  • Do not listen to reply; listen to understand

    Kim Grirst
    Community Member
  • Center the experiences of those who have been historically marginalized. When they speak to their experience, believe them, for therein lies an understanding of the solution.

    Amber Sessoms
  • Don't Talk About It, Be About It, Spread Love

    Linda Crews
  • Living for one's self has no legacy. Giving of one's self is eternal. Be Somebody to everyone else.

    Carmen Daecher
  • We are all beautifully and wonderfully made. Each of us unique in our own way. Our differences should not be feared or hated, they should be celebrated.

    Alesha (Harper) Bueno
  • Wherever you go there you are. While keeping this in mind be compassionate, be kind, and listen to the stories of others while working toward equality.

    Jeri Robinson-Lawrence
  • Take care of and help lift up those around you in need with compassion. Treat everyone as an equal. With these two things in mind we will all prosper as a society.

    Holly Trego
  • Be fearless in self is the only way you can recognize what needs to change and improve.

    Colleen Anderson

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