Internships and Co-ops

The English Department works with the Internship Office (ELCM) to provide students educational opportunities through internships with organizations and businesses. Internships are learning experiences where businesses partner with academic institutions to provide real-life learning opportunities for students; students receive academic credit for their work and their learning. Internship placements can be arranged at a number of different types of businesses and/or organizations through the ELCM in the Bedford House. Successful completion of an internship assignment earns you college credit for an approved work experience.

Students in English have varied skills and interests, and so their placements vary as well. Some students work for publishers, while others might work for newspapers, film directors, or in schools. The opportunities are endless, and students should discuss with their English advisors their hopes and options.  Dr. Corkery is the department's internship coordinator once you are ready to pursue an internship. 

How to Find an Internship

  1. If you are interested in an internship, go to the Internships website to learn where to start.
  2. After completing that orientation, you will print out two documents.  Fill them out and bring them to the English Department’s Internship Coordinator, Dr. Caleb Corkery in Chryst Hall. Also bring along a Degree Audit printout to verify your GPA.
  3. Dr. Corkery will review the form to attest that you are an English major in good standing (and thus able to participate in an internship); he will return the form to you to take to the Internship Office.
  4. After getting set up with the Internship Office, you can search the Career Connection database for internships. This database provides information on jobs as well as the people involved with those jobs.
  5. From there, the Internship Office will try to match you with available positions of interest. Also, if you have a place you would like to work with for an internship, you can ask the business or institution to register the opportunity for you on the Internship website (Employers section).

Internship Requirements

Generally, to receive academic credit, internships require a minimum of 120 hours overall. The work can be paid or unpaid. At the end of the experience, students write a reflection paper of 8-10 pages on the experience, and the English Department may establish other additional individual requirements tailored to the type of assignment. If you decide to pursue an internship, you will be matched with a departmental internship faculty supervisor who will meet with you at least 5 times during your assignment and visit you at the worksite at least once. The internship faculty supervisors in the English Department include Dr. Corkery, Dr. Rineer, Prof. Anderson, and Dr. Craven. Interns should meet with their faculty supervisors at the very beginning of each semester that they participate in an internship (as well as 4 more times during that semester).

You can review some of the internship experiences of MU students on our developing Internship Page.