Bachelor of Arts Degree

Bachelor of Arts in English

Chryst TreeThe liberal arts English program at Millersville University, with its humanistic focus, is designed to give BA students a background in literature, language, writing, and related fields of study, as well as knowledge of themselves. Students are exposed to both the rich cultural heritage of the past and the most promising creative work of the present.

One of the major aims of the program is to assist students in communicating effectively and logically in any choice of profession or vocation. Upon completion of this course of study, English majors from Millersville should be qualified for admission to graduate schools and other professional training programs, and they should be well prepared for careers that require writing and research skills.


Millersville University is known for its internship program that enables advanced students to get professional training and college credit with our corporate and business partners.  Our Experiential Learning and Career Management Office can help students navigate school and the internship world so that they can be better prepared for entering the job market.

Every BA student takes at least one internship to hone their acquired skillset in a real-world environment. Students not only benefit from the experience in terms of learning, but they also benefit from the connections they meet while performing in those jobs.  By taking advantage of these opportunities, our career-ready seniors already have their feet in the doors of regional businesses and a network of professionals who can help them. 

Study Abroad

Millersville has extensive partners in Study Abroad. Some of our majors study abroad for a whole semester; others take the Oxford trip in summer to brush up on their theatre experience and to get their feet wet in terms of foreign travel.  English students have studied in Russia, Korea, Japan, Ireland, and many other fascinating countries.  See Dr. Kasia Jakubiak for more information.

Study at Franklin and Marshall (F&M) College

As part of an agreement with F&M, Millersville Students may take courses at F&M for free by registering through Millersville when Millersville does not offer the course (for example, Millersville doesn't have a course in Advanced Russian or Dance, so MU students could take those courses at F&M).  This is a great advantage for students who have interests  that may not be covered by MU's curriculum.

The Required Minor

All BA candidates must declare a minor no later than the end of their sophomore years. The minor may be chosen from a variety of offerings designed and approved by individual departments. The English Department's advisory program is designed to aid BA students in choosing minors that best fit their aptitudes and career goals.

English majors may minor in ESL/Linguistics, Film Studies, or Journalism within English.  Minors outside of English are also encouraged.