English Major Options

English Major Options

English majors may select an option to further refine their degree program. Options are not required. Some students may want to try various disciplines (within English) and will not select an option; others may want to dive in and explore one discipline deeply by selecting an option. Most options require students to complete 4 courses in an area to develop their specialization in that field.

Comparative Literature

Do you like to think about different cultures and their literary/artistic creations? Do you speak a language? Do you like to read and analyze literary/artistic works? Then Comparative Literature might be the option for you. Learn more

English as a Second Language

Do you shudder when people speak loudly to foreigners?  Is helping others to learn languages enjoyable for you?  Then why not select ESL as your option. Learn more


Do you have a flair for words?  Do you find etymologies and languages fascinating?  Then focus on linguistics! Learn more


Are you curious?  Do you love to write?  Are deadlines something that make you want to engage rather than flee?  Then Journalism is your natural path. Learn more

Film Studies

Are you that person who your friends think talks too much about the film?  Do you want to know how all the aspects of images, dialogue, music, sound effects, and writing work together to make a film?  Curious about how film and society relate?  Want to be the teacher who teaches the film classes?  Then Film Studies is for you. Learn more

Writing Studies

Is writing your passion?  Do you like to find the right word, assess an audience,  or write for a cause?  Are you thinking of a career in writing?  The a Writing Studies Option is waiting for you. Learn more