Film Studies Option

Film Studies Option

The Film Studies option will enable students to develop skills and proficiency in the developing discipline of film studies, including its history, aesthetics, terminology, methods of analysis, theoretical issues, and social impact/interactions. Millersville University English students who take the option in film studies will learn about the discipline from a variety of perspectives that will widen their liberal arts horizons.

The Film Studies option is designed for B.A. or B.S. Ed. students with interests in film, media studies, and visual literacy. Students who pursue this concentration must fulfill all existing departmental requirements for their majors. The Film Studies option requires the completion of 9 hours from the English curriculum and 3 from outside the English curriculum.

The option will require candidates to complete the following program of study:

ENGL 240 Introduction to Film (G1, W)
ENGL 481 History of Film (W)

1 English course, selected from:

  • ENGL 347 Studies of Ethnicity in Film (G1, W)
  • ENGL 482 Film and American Society (G1, W)
  • ENGL 484 Brave New Worlds: Exploring Technology in Film (G1, W)

1 film course from another discipline, selected from:

  • ANTH 227: Culture through Film
  • ECON 305: Economics in Film
  • PHIL 327: Philosophy in Film


  • To educate students about the history of film and its relation to culture
  • To expand students' knowledge of films, their genres, and the societies in which they were made
  • To expose students to research and critical perspectives on film issues
  • To incite students to explore the intersections of film and society
  • To provide students with a theoretical foundation in film studies
  • To expand students' awareness and appreciation of the aesthetics of film
  • To improve students' visual and media literacy
  • To foster students' analytical skills, as well as their communication skills and abilities for self-expression
  • To promote interdisciplinary learning through the medium of film
  • To promote campus and community awareness of film as an art