Transfer Students

Information for Transfer Students

Transfer students, once accepted into the University, have their transcripts evaluated in the Admissions Office. The transcript evaluation along with general information about the University is sent to the students along with a letter indicating how to reach the English department. The students should contact the department and identify themselves as transfer students. Then, the departmental secretary will arrange an initial advisement meeting with one of the English Department's faculty. The students should bring their transcript evaluations, the scheduling book, and a list of courses that they are interested in enrolling in the coming semester to this meeting. The students will then consult with the advisor to make course selections, and the advisor can answer questions about the degree programs.

The Admissions Office makes all decisions concerning course transfer credits as well as advanced placement credits. Many students find transferring to MU easy as the university has articulation agreements with the Harrisburg Area Community College and several other institutes of higher learning in the area. Lists of courses that are already approved for transfer to the university are available on the Transfer Equivalency Directory webpage.

The students' first DARS (Degree Audit Record Sheet) shows the courses that have transferred to Millersville. It also will list the name of the students' permanent advisors and show the majors and minors they have declared.

Transferring English Composition/Writing Courses

Typically, an English Composition course at the 100 level will transfer from one school to another. MU's upper-level writing classes (ENGL 311, 312, 313 and 316, representing Advanced Composition, Technical Writing, Journalism, and Business Writing) are junior-level writing requirements for students who have accumulated sixty (60) MU credits. A course taken at another institution, although it may have the same name, does not transfer into the MU English program. since often the course numbers are at the introductory--rather than junior--level (i.e., a 100- or 200-level course in Technical Writing does not routinely transfer into the MU degree program, although an English major may count such a course as an elective).