Internships in English

Experiences from Our Majors

English majors at Millersville have opportunities to explore many different work environments to apply their valuable reading and writing skills.  Our partners are regularly impressed with what our majors can do--and are eager to hire them.  You may not know how your English training will lead you to a career, but you'll see the possibilities once you get into a work environment where your skills can shine.  Here are some recent student perspectives after their internships.

Gabrielle Redcay, 2017 Internship with LNP/La Voz

La Voz"As I reflect back on my summer internship with La Voz Lancaster and LNP Media Group, I feel incredibly blessed. I was able to get a real taste of life as a journalist while being treated as any other employee, but also received the benefits of mentorship as an intern. I was throw into every aspect of the publication process. Debates within the journalism field documented by textbooks came to life in this working environment. I was able to consider my own strengths and weaknesses and whether this could be a fitting career."

Eden Hirtzel: Fly Magazine, Lancaster (2016)

Eden Hirtzel at internship

Donunshae Sanders, Class of 2016, CAP (2016)

Donunshae at CAP"My biggest accomplishment was securing a full-time position at CAP before graduation. After having such a great effect on the organization, by working hard and putting my all into my work, a position was created for my effort. I was asked to take on the position as their Executive Coordinator after school concludes in December of 2016. I couldn’t be any happier and can use my experience as a tool for others who are looking to make an impact at their internship."

Cherelle Dessus, Class of 2016, The Mix

"I have built many strong relationships with the staff, students, and members of the community. I have learned so much about the city of Lancaster and how nonprofits impact the community. I learned more about my passions and my desire to assist with the growth of the youth socially, personally, poetically, academically, and spiritually. This internship has opened many doors and connections for me. I think the experiential learning/ internship program is great."

Rachel Delaney, Class of 2014 ProspectMX

Rachel Delaney

“This internship taught me more about what I want to do, and where I want my career to go.  It was truly the best decision of my Millersville career, and ultimately I have Millersville to thank for everything that has come from this internship.  I was offered a job at ProspectMX as a Copywriter and Content Manager after graduation, which I happily accepted."

Sarah Steimling, Class of 2015, LNP

LNP“The internship at LNP was challenging and gave me countless opportunities and resources to learn and grow. Not only did I learn how a newsroom functioned, I got the opportunity to be a part of it. My editors entrusted me with breaking news stories, like the chemical spill in the Conewago Creek and the Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriage. I made the front page over four times and got the chance to speak with folks who never would have answered questions for me if I hadn’t worked with LNP.”

Jason Landis, Class of 2015, Allegro Chamber Orchestra

Jason Landis“Beyond the writing experience and getting published, I also got a stronger understanding of my own skills and my ability to be a creative and critical member of a team.”


Marissa Gerhart, Class of 2014, In White

Marissa Gerhart“My internship supervisor offered me full-time employment and I am honored to accept and continue working at In White.  I feel lucky to be gainfully employed doing something I love so early in my working career.”


C.J. Cardamone, Class of 2014. On-Line Publishers

“My supervisor allowed me to grow and think about how I wanted to approach my work and establish myself as a team member. I know I most certainly had my faults during my internship, but every mistake is a learning experience and my supervisor recognizes the act of failure as an act of learning. I look forward to spending more time under the direction of this company and embrace the learning curves in front of me as I start my path as a full-time employee.”

Estelle Reidler, Class of 2013, Citizen-Standard Newspaper

“They did not hold my hand and walk me through everything step by step, rather they trusted that I was competent and they allowed me to rely on the skills that I had acquired during my time in at Millersville.  Upon graduation from Millersville I was nervous about my career path that I set myself on.  But after my time with the Citizen-Standard I feel as if there is no reason for me to be nervous about my writing capabilities.”

Kirbee Veroneau, Class of 2016, Spruce Alley Press

"My internship has certainly contributed to my education because it taught me how to manage my time better. I have always been pretty good at managing my time, but this internship has really helped me learn how to do a better job of that, which is something I’ll surely use in class as well as outside of class. This job also helped me to find and develop the kind of writing style I like to use, since most of the writing I did was informal rather than formal."   

Brigitte Bradnick, Class of 2015

“As an English major, job opportunities can be so scattered and diverse since a wide range of fields accept English majors. My internship gave me the drive to pursue a career as a Content Writer or a Social Media Coordinator for a marketing company. The affirmations I received from my internship push me forward toward my career goals. I believe I have gained the ability to understand what needs to be written to really showcase a business and their goals and to gain traffic for the company, taking them to the next level.”