Made in Millersville

Attending and presenting at Made in Millersville

Made in Millersville is a day to celebrate our commitment to ideas, art, and facts.  Students, faculty, staff and Community members attend.  It's a special opportunity for our English majors to present and to be an active part of Millersville's intellectual community.

Dr. Corkery with Rashna and Sophia at the BLM Panel Dr. Jakubiak and Research Librarian
Michele Santamaria at Spoken Word
Rashna and Sophia with Caleb Kasia and Michele

Spoken Word

Dr. Corkery's spoken word group has participated in Made in Millersville since 2016.  Their performances have captivated audiences with their recognition of the personal and political events important to our communities.

Caleb and Sid

Student Panel on Black Lives Matter

BLM panel
Dr. Corkery's students present a Black Lives Matter panel.