Writing Center/Tutoring Frequently Asked Questions

Appointments and Drop-In Tutoring

Q. How do I make an appointment to see a writing consultant?
A. The easiest way to set up an appointment is to call the Writing Center at (717) 871-7389. You can also come into the Writing Center and make an appointment or, if it is not busy, you can have a drop-in tutoring session.

Q. Can I just drop off my paper and pick it up after the writing consultant has corrected it?
A. No. We do not offer proofreading or editing services; we will work with you so you can learn to make the necessary revisions to your paper.

Q. How does drop-in tutoring work?
A. Simply come to the writing center with your paper, a copy of the assignment, any work you have done, and any questions or concerns you have. Sign in at the desk and as soon as a tutor is available you will have your session. Drop-in sessions are on a first come first serve basis, so you are not always guaranteed your session right away.

Q. When are the hours for drop-in tutoring?
A. The current hours of operation can be seen on the index page on the right hand column. These change from semester to semester, so keep an eye open incase it changes.

Q. How long are tutoring sessions?
A. Generally, all tutoring sessions are limited to half an hour. If there are no other students waiting, the writing consultant can, if necessary, spend a bit longer with you.

Q. What if I have more concerns than can be addressed in a half-hour session?
A. If you have extensive concerns about your paper, you may want to consider setting up several sessions over the period of a few days.

Online Tutoring

Q. What can I expect from online tutoring?
A. Online Tutoring is a service that the Chryst Writing Center offers as a convenience for all of our clients.  Although you will receive feedback and suggestions on your paper, our online tutoring responses are not as in-depth or detailed as they would be if you came into the center for a face-to-face session. Also, it is important to know that we will not edit your paper line by line, but we will give you specific suggestions to improve your paper.

Q. What will tutors do when they read my paper?
A. When a tutor reads a paper submitted online, s/he will compile a list of issues that need to be addressed--recurring errors, for instance, that interfere with organization, formatting, and/or coherence of your paper. The tutor will then send you an email that contains a list of issues found in your paper with specific comments and suggestions for improvement.  

Q. What will happen to my paper after it has been reviewed by a tutor?
A. You will not receive your original paper back. If you want to see your original paper, you may come into the Writing Center where we will have it on file and meet with a tutor to discuss the paper.

Q. Can I get more help on my paper?
A. If you want further assistance with your paper, we encourage you to make an appointment in the Center with the tutor who reviewed your paper.  Our goal is to produce better writers, not better papers, so further assistance will benefit not only this paper, but future papers as well.

Q. If I use online tutoring, does that mean I don't have to come to the Writing Center?
A. This depends on the status of your paper when it is submitted. While some online requests can be handled completely via online tutoring, others may require one or more meetings with a writing consultant.

Q. If I submit a paper via online tutoring, can't the writing consultant just fix my errors and send me a corrected version?
A. No. The Chryst Writing Center is not a proofreading/editing service.

Q. What can I do to ensure the best results from my online tutoring?
A. The first thing to do is try to read over your paper before you send it in. Do you feel comfortable with your paper? Are there some spots in particular you're uncomfortable with and want us to pay special attention to? If you have any particular questions or areas you want to focus, be sure to let us know in the email you send.

Please follow the instructions on the Online Tutoring page to submit your paper for Online Tutoring.