Graduate Certificate in Innovation & Entrepreneurship

About the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Certificate

Graduate Certificate Innovation & Entrepreneurship Quick Facts

Are you looking to start a business, work in an entrepreneurial environment or expand your knowledge of entrepreneurship beyond you bachelor’s degree? The graduate certificate in entrepreneurship and innovation could be the right fit for you.

This certificate program is designed for postgraduate students and or community members seeking advanced coursework to better conceptualize and deploy principles and practices of entrepreneurship. Individuals from most industries can benefit from this graduate certificate by enhancing their existing knowledge while offering the opportunity for continued study beyond their bachelor's degree.

The graduate certificate can serve as a stand-alone program for any interested student with a bachelor’s degree from an accredited four-year college or university. The degree does not need to be in business. Students pursuing this certificate program come from diverse backgrounds and various undergraduate majors and may not have had any significant, formal business training or experience. 

This program can also provide a specialization or gateway for Millersville University graduate students seeking a master’s degree in technology and innovation. Courses will address concepts including Corporate, Social and Educational Entrepreneurism. Students will investigate opportunities for developing a business while learning how to evaluate opportunities, assess overall resources and manage growth. Students will also learn to promote themselves and their businesses, especially those students without experience in advertising, branding or internet marketing, and apply modern and emerging concepts that are directly applicable to small and developing businesses.

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Program Highlights

Creativity & Innovation
Using ideas imaginatively and effectively, combining ideas in new and imaginative ways regardless of business or social environment, and creating a novel or unique idea, question, format, or product.

Self-Motivation & Persistence
Identifying resources and tools without direction, learning from failure and experimentation, and translating opportunities into solutions.

Effective Written and Oral Communication Skills 
Analyzing strengths and weaknesses in entrepreneurial approaches, effectively describing and analyzing entrepreneurial ideas, and effectively devising clear and compelling value propositions to win support for their ideas and translate that support into effective action.

Effectively developing ethical orientation when making informed decisions, effectively creating strategies for entrepreneurial endeavors, and exhibiting leadership and relationship building skills

Effective Collaboration & Ethics 
Highly effective in working within a team setting, and able to apply an ethical understanding an perspective to entrepreneurial situations.

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving 
Able to define problems and follow through with resolution, capable of proposing a variety of solutions that indicate a deep comprehension of the problem, and able to use research and experiences to inform decision-making.

Course Requirements

CORE REQUIREMENTS (9 credits required)

  • ENTR 501: Introduction to Entrepreneurship, 3 credits 2
  • ENTR 510: Entrepreneurial Promotions and Branding, 3 credits
  • ENTR 511: Entrepreneur: Networking & Sales, 3 credits 3

SPECIALTY REQUIREMENTS - Choose from the Entrepreneurship toolkit (3 credits required):

  • EDTE 603: Fostering Creativity by Design, 3 credits
  • EDTE 604: Engineering Principles and Concepts for the Non-Engineer, 3 credits

CAPSTONE REQUIREMENTS (3 credits required):

  • ENTR 540: Entrepreneurship Capstone