Paul H. Slaugh, Jr. Entrepreneurship Minor

Millersville's Interdisciplinary Minor in Entrepreneurship!


Millersville University’s interdisciplinary minor in entrepreneurship is the only truly interdisciplinary minor of its kind throughout the entire Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education. This minor allows students in any major to bring an entrepreneurial perspective to their specific area of study. 

The minor in entrepreneurship is a dynamic interdisciplinary program that provides opportunities to Millersville students from different disciplines to interact and learn about entrepreneurship—the process of creating value through recognizing and developing opportunities. It serves to complement the student’s major area of study by providing the knowledge and skills needed so that students can create or start their own ventures, work for start-up companies, family business, pursue traditional jobs that may involve launching new business units or joint ventures. The goal of the Entrepreneurial Minor is to learn to think entrepreneurially, identify resources and tools, formulate business plans, and devise clear and compelling value propositions as well as ethical practices.

Entrepreneurship has a role in every field of study;
therefore, the Entrepreneurship Minor is for students in any major!

Entrepreneurship Minor Curriculum

Students will learn to identify resources and tools to translate opportunities into sustainable solutions, formulate business plans and develop ethical orientations to build informed decisions, strategies and relationships. The entrepreneurship minor will require students to complete a minimum of 18 credits, which includes an introductory seminar on entrepreneurial thinking, two core courses, a practicum and a capstone course on business skills for entrepreneurs.

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How to declare the Entrepreneurship Minor

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Interdisciplinary Entrepreneurship Minor