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The Entrepreneurial Leadership Center at Millersville University is dedicated to the phenomenon of entrepreneurship. We work to advance entrepreneurship education and training efforts and facilitate support of entrepreneurial endeavors both on campus and in our community. We welcome all students, faculty, staff, and the community to participate in the the world of entrepreneurship at Millersville University. The entrepreneurs of the nation will uphold the promise for improving the economic welfare of our nation.

  • Contact Information

    Entrepreneurial Innovation & Leadership Center
    Adams House
    2 N. George Street
    Millersville, PA  17551
    (717) 871-4500 

    Mailing Address
    Millersville University
    Entrepreneurial Leadership Center
    PO Box 1002
    Millersville, PA  17551

    Professor Nancy Mata
    Director, Entrepreneurial Innovation & Leadership Center 

    214 Breidenstine Hall
    (717) 871-5718

    Nancy Mata
    Coordinator of the Interdisciplinary Entrepreneurship Minor

    214 Breidenstine Hall
    (717) 871-5718

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  • Upcoming Events


                                                 EVENTS THIS FALL


    10/30 Sundae Pitch: Practice Pitching Skills with Sweets!


    Located within the Adams House

    Students are invited to create a sundae and enter their creation into the "Sundae Pitch Competition"

    Whoever has the best pitch for their creative sundae will win a prize!

                                             Why is your sundae the best one?

    Ice cream and toppings will be provided free of charge


    11/14 Appreciation Day


    Entrepreneurship Minor Appreciation Day!

    Located at the Adams House

    Learn about the minor and how it can benefit you

    Food, snacks, and beverages will be provided for all!


    11/29 Animals & Entrepreneurship


    Panel Discussion with local animal shelter's and stores will attend to shed information on how they

    began and became successful

    Animals will be attending!




     PAST EVENTS     

    9/20 Block Party


    Located on the Adams House lawn

    Snacks will be provided


    TBA Fireside Chat


    Local Entrepreneur Guest Speaker

    Question and answer session

    Snacks will be provided



    10/11 Business For Good


    Located within the Adams House

    Members from the Business For Good organization will be attending for a panel where students can ask questions and learn about this expanding environmental-friendly organization