B.A./M.S. Program With The University of Delaware

B.A./M.S. Program in Materials Science with University of Delaware

The physics department is proud to announce the creation of a new 3/2 Program for our students interesting in studying Materials Science.  This program will result in a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)degree from Millersville with a Master's of Science (M.S.) degree from the University of Delaware in their Materials Science and Engineering program. This is an intensive program, since the student must complete the majority of the B.A. requirements within three years, including all General Education courses. 94 credits must be earned by the end of their sixth semester, with another 26 credits transferring from courses taken at Delaware to complete the degree. Students must apply for entry into the program by the end of their fifth semester at Millersville.

Requirements for the program:

  • Cumulative Grade Point average of 3.2, or higher.
  • GRE Quantitative Score of at least 155, or combined (quantitative + verbal) score of 300.
  • Three letters of recommendation.

Interested students should work closely with their academic advisors to select the correct courses during their time at Millersville.