Recent Seminar Projects

Recent Seminar Projects Performed (2016-present)

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Session Year Student Advisor Title
SP 2020 Destinee Holloman T. Gilani Gamma Radiation Attenuation in Biological Materials
SP 2020 Jeffrey Mylin T. Gilani Electrical Resistivity in Aluminum Thin Films 
SP 2020 Anthony Roscoe X. Li Calculating the Viscosity of Various Fluids Using a Pendulum
SP 2019 Ken Brubaker T. Gilani Resistivity of Silver Thin Films 
SP 2019 Cory DeLong S. Hendrick X-Ray Properties of the Centaurus A and M87 Galaxies
SP 2019 Lucas Staub S. Hendrick X-ray Analysis of LMC CNR 0548-70.4
SP 2018 Stephen Beegle S. Hendrick X-Ray Properties of the Galactic Black Hole H1743-322
SP 2018 Evan Forry M. Nolan Multiple Random Walkers in One and Higher Dimensions
SP 2018 Chris Legerton S. Hendrick Dark Matter in Abell 1835
FA 2017 Dylan Huska N. Dushkina Analyzing the Nanostructure of a Peacock Feather Using Microscopy and Spectroscopy 
SP 2017 Jacob Celli M. Goksu Modeling Photovoltaic Cells using MATLAB and Simulink
SP 2017 Michael DeCaria M. Goksu Comparing Vertical-Axis and Horizontal-Axis Wind Turbines: Introducing ASR, Approximating Design, and Calculating Average Radius
SP 2017 Daniel Chapman T. Gilani Random Number Generation
SP 2017 Lauren Dalbey Z. Uy Dirac Delta Function Potentials
SP 2017 David Doerr S. Hendrick X-ray Analysis of SNR 0103-72.6 in the SMC
SP 2017 Dakota Grove M. Goksu The Physics of Supersonic Aerodynamics
SP 2017 Kyle Miller N. Dushkina Automation of Surface Plasmon Resonance Measurements
SP 2017 Julius O T. Gilani Digital Analog Conversion From First Principles
SP 2017 Andrew Zimmerman M. Nolan Off-Lattice Random Walks in 2, 3, and Higher Dimensions
SP  2016 Derek Borigo M. Nolan Boundary Return Probabilities of Higher Dimensional Random Walks 
SP  2016  Chris Gojda S. Hendrick X-Ray Observations of LMC SNR N49 & N49B
SP  2016 Jonathon Gojda M. Goksu  The Optimization of Wind Turbines
SP  2016 Kevin Piaskowski M. Nolan One and Two-Dimensional Random Walks with One-Step Memory 
SP 2016 Diana Rabchuk T. Gilani Mobility and Density of Charged Carriers in Thin Films