Seminar Projects

Seminar Projects Performed (1981-1985)

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Session Year Student Advisor Title
SP 1985 Brian Oberholtzer Michael Nolan The Monte Carlo Method, A One-Dimensional Ising Model for a Ferromagnetic Material
SP 1985 Bill Weibley Unknown A Coil's Magnetic Field Off the Axis
SP 1985 Garrick Wells C.W. Price Keplerian Orbits Revisited
FA 1985 Steven Haun Unknown Polariscope 2-Dimensional Stress Analysis
SP 1984 James C. Petrosky John Dooley The Physics of Isshin-Ryu Karate
SP 1984 Jodi L. Robertson Conrad Miziumski Optical Image Processing
SP 1984 George Tullidge John Dooley A Study of Radiation Monitoring in Nuclear Power Stations
FA 1984 Robert A Hallman Conrad Miziumski Thermal Stimulated Discharge in Polymer Electrets
SP 1983 Greg Cauller Unknown A Brief Look at Cosmology
SP 1983 Robert Giannelli Zenaida Uy Neutral K-Meson Decay and CP-Noninvariance
SP 1983 Douglas D. Goss Unknown Operation of the GaAs Laser
SP 1983 Frank M. Koch Unknown Determination of Picture Tube Peak Beam Currents with the Crosshatch/Dot Test Signal
SP 1983 Chester H. Singer Unknown The Acoustics of the Harmonica
SP 1983 Richard Tyler Unknown Holography: A Topic for Senior Seminar
FA 1983 Tim Barnes John Dooley Driven Damped Harmonic Oscillation
FA 1983 Shawn Miner Unknown Holography
FA 1983 John P. Rodgers Unknown The Fourier Transform and Aperture/Spectra Applications
SP 1982 Issam J. Abdallah John Dooley Determine the Intensity of a Laser Beam
SP 1982 Steven E. Coyle Conrad Miziumski Low Intensity Irradiation of Silver Halide Crystals and the Failure of the Reciprocity Law
SP 1982 Kevin R. Espenshade Pat Cooney Compton Scattering
SP 1982 Gary Kless John Dooley Quality Dimensional Control of Dolomite Bricks
SP 1982 Karen M. Luke Pat Cooney A Simple Demonstration of the Process of CAT Scanning
SP 1982 Philip J. Mount Unknown The Fast Fourier Transform
SP 1982 James A. Peightel John Dooley The Measurement of Liquid Viscosity Using Ultrasonic Methods
SP 1982 Donald M. Samson Conrad Miziumski Loudspeaker Testing
SP 1982 Gregory Schmidt Unknown Tensor Analysis with an Overview of General Relativity
SP 1982 Mark Sensenig Unknown Digital Interfacing
SP 1982 Sam Skiles Unknown The Mossbauer Effect
SP 1982 Daryl A. Unger Conrad Miziumski Blood Flow in an Artery
FA 1982 Paul Altpeter John Dooley A Demonstration Model of a Damped, Driven Harmonic Oscillator
FA 1982 Nick Bromer Zenaida Uy A Pressure-Driven Loudspeaker
FA 1982 Mahmoud Pourarsalan Zenaida Uy Fourier Transform Spectroscopy
SP 1981 Randy J. Chapman Pat Cooney Interferometry Used in Navigation and Communication Systems
SP 1981 Patrick Conroy Unknown The Hydraulic Jump in Open Channel Flow
SP 1981 William Draude Unknown Color Vision
SP 1981 Stewart Hough Unknown Computer-Aided-Design of Circuits and Printed Circuit Boards
WI 19?? Henry W. Welch Unknown The Ammonia Absorption Cycle as a Passive Solar Heat Pump
SP 1981 Steve Kaylor C. W. Price A Problem in Heat Transfer
SP 1981 John J. Morgan Unknown Photovoltaic Effects
SP 1981 James C. Weaver Unknown Forced Harmonic Oscillation Experiment
FA 1981 Joseph W. Wright Unknown Electron Optics of an Electrostatic Vidicon with Magnetic Focus Coil