Seminar Projects

Seminar Projects Performed (1991-1995)

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Session Year Student Advisor Title
SP 1995 Darrell L. Beck John Dooley Developing an Application for a Gas Filled Particle Detection System
SP 1995 David Cherry Michael Nolan Cushioning Properties of Distinct types of Backpacking Footwear
SP 1995 Robert M. Beideman Zenaida Uy An Experiment in the Speed of Sound in a Closed Tube as a Function of Temperature
SP 1995 Chris Hoffman Conrad Miziumski Thermionic Emission of Electrons
SP 1995 Andrew Shall John Dooley 28. Measurement of Fluorescent Lifetimes with an Excimer Laser
SP 1995 Forrest A. Shenk Michael Nolan Computer Modelling of a Tennis Serve
SP 1994 Earl L. Grine Jr. Pat Cooney Measuring the Reflection Coefficient of an Ultrasonic Wave Pulse
SP 1994 Bryan D. Long John Dooley Ultrasonic Measurements to Determine the Viscosity of Saltwater
SP 1994 Jean M. Malwitz C. W. Price Spring-Pendulum: The Use of Lagrangian and Newtonian Mechanics to Find the Equations of Motion of Several Cases of a Spring-Pendulum System
SP 1994 Steven Avery Pat Cooney Measurement of the Muon Lifetime
SP 1994 George Herneisey John Dooley Flaw Characterization by Phase Shift of Reflected Sound
FA 1994 Gregory M. Bachman John Dooley Phase Transitions of Ferroelectric Material
FA 1994 Robert N. Brooks Michael Nolan Numerical Analysis of Heat Transfer Through a Non-Homogeneous Structure
FA 1994 Jon C. Steinman Unknown An Alternative Interpretation of the Wave Function
FA 1994 Scott A. Strickler Joseph Grosh Use of a Proton Precession Magnetometer to Measure an Anomaly in the Earth's Magnetic Field in the Martic Region of Southern Lancaster County
SP 1993 James Jewson Pat Cooney The Use of Signal Processing and Antinoise for Small Engine Noise Control
SP 1993 Rebecca E. Sellers C. W. Price Transfer Orbits of Spacecraft: An Investigation into Different Methods of Accomplishing the Same Thing
SP 1993 David K. Van Zandt John Dooley The Physics of a Quartz-Crystal Oscillator
SP 1993 Chris Willig Pat Cooney A Driver for a Damped Harmonic Oscillator
FA 1993 James W. Brown Jr. Conrad Miziumski Experiments in X-Ray Diffraction and Similar Fields
SP 1992 Jeffrey S. Basile Michael Nolan The Anomalous Rotational Behavior of Melting Ice
SP 1992 Robert F. Bote John Dooley Investigation into Light-Induced Acoustic Phenomena
SP 1992 Daryl Carpenter John Dooley Speed Bumps
SP 1992 Matt Costa Unknown Follow the Bouncing Ball
SP 1992 William Guscott Unknown Wave Propagation in an Inhomogeneous Medium
SP 1992 Duc H. Nguyen John Dooley Phase and Group Velocity of Sound Waves
SP 1992 Dave Schroeder John Dooley The Forced Harmonic Oscillator
SP 1992 Mitchell M. Withers Michael Nolan A Measurement of Acceleration Associated with Solar and Lunar Tidal Potentials
FA 1992 Thomas A. Habowski Unknown Susceptibility Measurements of Paramagnetic and Diamagnetic Materials Using Guoy Balance Device
FA 1992 Robert A. Stoll Michael Nolan Calculating the Effective Target Length Subtended by a Random Arrangement of Marbles
SP 1991 Thomas Herr Unknown Fluid Flow and Surface Tension
SP 1991 Voutha Hor John Dooley Using a Michelson Interferometer to Measure the Refractive Index of Air
SP 1991 Kiet Cam Ly Michael Nolan An Investigation of the Bicycle Circular Chainring and the Shimano Biopace
SP 1991 Alison Carmen Morgan Unknown Hysteresis of a Toroid
SP 1991 David A. Secker Michael Nolan The Dispersive Attenuation of Sound in Air
SP 1991 Srikant Varma Michael Nolan A Study of Sound Interference
FA 1991 Jack Deal Unknown Heat Flow Through Styrofoam Insulation
FA 1991 Brian S. Racine Michael Nolan Relevancy of Entertainment to Deep Ocean Convection Phenomena
FA 1991 Robert Scheetz Michael Nolan The Physics of Bad-Hop Ground Balls
FA 1991 Kay Schwartz Zenaida Uy The Physics of the Eardrum