Seminar Projects

Seminar Projects Performed (2011- 2015)

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Session Year Student Advisor Title


Seth Baker T. Gilani Wavelength Dependence of the Faraday Effect


William Baldree S. Hendrick X-ray Spectroscopy of Supernova Remnant 0519-69.0


Steven Bromley S. Hendrick Chandra X-Ray Analysis of Supernova Remnant 0506-68.0


Daniel Cox M. Goksu Photoelectric Effect and Applications


Kanan Grosklos X. Li Dipole Radiation Interference Patterns


Graham Weagel M. Nolan Return Probabilities of Random Walks on a Restricted Lattice


Daniel Gochnauer T. Gilani Properties of Electrically Conductive Polymers
 SP 2014 George Hinerman X. Li The Energy Flow of Linear and Circular Dipoles
 SP 2014 Daniel Long N. Dushkina Columnar Thin Films as Gas Sensors
 SP 2014 Katherine McClintock T. Gilani Optical Properties of Sculptured Thin Films
 SP 2014 Kevin Miller S. Hendrick Study of Supernova Remnant N206 in the Xray Spectrum
SP 2013 Joshua Dyer M. Goksu Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulations of Wind Turbines
SP 2013 Sarah Geiger N. Dushkina An Investigation of Surface Plasmon Resonance and Its Sensor Applications 
SP 2013 Eric Miller M. Goksu Quantum Levitation
SP 2013 William Kassis Z. Uy Rabi Oscillations
SP 2013 John Savastinuk T. Gilani Laser Harp


Zachary Shultz X. Li Electric Dipole Radiation Near an Interface 
SP 2012 Jason Beisel M. Goksu Study and Development of a Sweep Area Mechanism for a Small Scale Wind Turbine
SP 2012 Sean Forsyth C. Nelson Optimal Foraging Principle Based on Metabolic Rates of Lions and Tigers
SP 2012 Jeremy Gress N. Dushkina Measuring Planck's Constant Using Light Emitting Diodes
SP 2012 Daniel Heck M. Goksu Dye Sensitized Solar Cells
SP 2012 Justin Hoffman M. Goksu Wind Energy Efficiency Mechanism
SP 2012 Adam Jacobs S. Hendrick X-ray Observations of an SMC Supernova Remnant SNR 0103 72.6
SP 2012 Cody Johnson T. Gilani Conductivity of Chromium Sculptured Thin Films
SP 2012 David Keshel S. Hendrick X-ray Analysis of Young LMC SNR N103B
SP 2012 Matthew Lewis C. Nelson Electromagnetically Induced Transparency in a Four-Level W Scheme: Investigation of Simultaneous Propagation
SP 2012 David Pede M. Nolan Discrete Markovian Dynamics of a Finite System
SP 2012 John Timlin S. Hendrick X-ray Analysis of Supernova Remnant DEM L71