Seminar Projects

Seminar Projects Performed (2001-2005)

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Session Year Student Advisor Title
SP 2005 Josh Livingston J. W. Dooley An Attempt to Observe the (Quantum Mechanical) Aharonov-Bohm Effect
SP 2005 Lindsay Moll Z. Uy Coupled Oscillations of a Three Mass System Constrained by a Circular Rod
SP 2005 Andrew Newton T. Gilani Electrical Properties of Nano-Engineered Thin Films
SP 2005 David Parks J. W. Dooley Measuring the Index of Refraction of Air
SP 2005 John Schreck T. Gilani Electrical Properties of Chromium Sculptured Thin Films
FA 2005 Paul Harrison T. Gilani Hall Effect in Sculptured Thin Films
FA 2005 John Gentile M. Nolan The Effect of spin on the Bounce of a Ball
SP 2004 Linde Clark C.W. Price Incoherent Scatter Radar Spectra from the Ionosphere
SP 2004 Tim Dennis Conrad Miziumski The Flow of Fluid Through a Nozzle
SP 2004 Matt Kurman John Dooley The Efficiency of the Stirling Engine
SP 2004 Nate Phillips Zenaida Uy Chaos in a Cylinder-Driven Pendulum
SP 2004 Jason Ryan C.W. Price Heat Conduction in a Steel Drill Shank
SP 2004 Ben Schull John Dooley Fluid Flow Through a Pipe: Entrainment
SP 2004 Matt Snyder Tariq Gilani Anisotropic Electrical Properties of Chiral Sculptured Thin Films
FA 2004 Jeremy Bigler P.J. Cooney Physics in Karate: Martial Arts Board Breaking
FA 2004 Mike Good J.W. Dooley Wind effects on a Spinning Baseball
FA 2004 Stan Kulikowski, Jr. C.W. Price A Study of Coupled Oscillators
FA 2004 Christopher Kunkel M.J. Nolan A study of One-Dimensional Random Walks with Short Range Memory
FA 2004 Tony Robalik P.J. Cooney A Qualitative, Macroscopic Exposition of the Physics of Stone Skipping
SP 2003 Jeffrey Barrage Michael Nolan The Evolution of the Brachistochrone Problem
SP 2003 Joshua Hauser Patrick Cooney The Thermodynamics of Heat Engines
SP 2003 Kenneth Hubik Tariq Gilani Investigation of Conducting Polymers
SP 2003 James Marek C.W. Price Determination of the Electrical Conductivity of Aluminum Through the Analysis of Skin Depth
SP 2003 Laura McJilton Tariq Gilani A Percolation Fraction Model for Conducting Polymers
SP 2003 Matthew Panas Conrad Miziumski Critical Point Light Scattering and Density Gradient Optics
SP 2002 Nathan C. Heston John Dooley X-Ray Diffraction by Crystal Lattices
SP 2002 Anthony Jackson John Dooley Drilling 10 Micron Holes with a Laser
SP 2002 Brett Kunkle John Dooley How Tubeless Tires Support an Automobile
SP 2002 Steve McKinley John Dooley Use of Raman Vibrational Scattering to Profile Atmospheric Water Vapor
SP 2002 Jesse McTernan John Dooley Muon Capture and Decay
SP 2002 Michael Wichart Michael Nolan Dynamics of a Football Collision
FA 2002 Timothy Atherton Michael Nolan The Physics of Plasma Inside of a Gas Discharge Tube
FA 2002 Jeffrey Moyer Michael Nolan A Study of the Physics in the Collision Between the Baseball and the Baseball Bat
FA 2002 Harry A. Nash Conrad Miziumski Constant Velocity Rotation of Fluids about a Fixed Axis
FA 2002 David Neidig John Dooley Using a Classical Approach to Formulate a Quantum Mechanical Model for Conductance
SP 2001 Michael Blevins Pat Cooney Acoustic Reverberation Times
SP 2001 Rhonda Peace Pat Cooney How Students Learn about Flux
SP 2001 Edward Santilli C. W. Price Planetary Ring Dynamics
SP 2001 Michael Zellner John Dooley Detecting Anomalous Dispersion