Seminar Projects

Seminar Projects Performed (2006-2010)

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Session Year Student Advisor Title
SP 2010 Paul Folmar T. Gilani Efficiency and Conservation of Energy in a Railgun
SP 2010 Chester Harman S. Hendrick Supernova Remnants in the LMC: Chandra X-ray Observatory Data
SP 2010 Philip Herd T. Gilani Striation Patterns in a Glow Discharge Tube
SP 2010 Steven M. McQuiggan Z. Uy Analysis of the Double Elliptical Pendulum
SP 2010 Michael Oellig M. Goksu Studying Seebeck Effect
SP 2010 Colleen Schmidt S. Hendrick X-ray Binaries and Cygnus X-1
SP 2010 Joshua York J. Dooley Measuring the Force of Light
FA 2009 Len Glass N. Dushkina Self-Assembled Monolayer Structures of Polystyrene Spheres
SP 2009 Cody Borigo J. Dooley Normal Vibrational Modes of a Truck Tire
SP 2009 Kevin Dougherty M. Goksu Electrical Characteristics of Photovoltaic Systems
SP 2009 Erin J. Magagna S. Hendrick X-ray Observations of the Galaxy Cluster Abell 4059
SP 2009 Jon M. Mease T. Gilani Spectral Calculations for Columnar Thin Films on a Periodically Decorated Substrate
SP 2009 Darren P. Scott J. Dooley Observation of Car Window Resonance
SP 2008 Andrew Jones T. Gilani Conduction in Nano-Engineered Thin Films at Cryogenic Temperatures
SP 2008 Michael Kreider M. Goksu Sonoluminescence
SP 2008 Jeremy Low T. Gilani Analysis of a Jacob's Ladder Apparatus
SP 2008 Drew Pulsifer T. Gilani Fabrication of Nano-Engineered thin films by Thermal Evaporation
SP 2008 Edward Tangradi J. Dooley Dielectric Relaxation in Electrolytic Capacitors
SP 2007 Paul Borst J. Dooley Multiphonics and Multiple Frequencies
SP 2007 Adam Hyde N. Dushkina Lasers in Secondary Physics Education
SP 2007 Matt Johnson J. Dooley Room Reverberation Time
SP 2007 Matt Johnston S. Hendrick Study of Supernova Remnants Using Infrared
SP 2007 James Knox J. Dooley Refrigeration by Continuous-Cycle Absorption
SP 2007 Mike Motyka M. Nolan Improvements in Monte Carlo Thermodynamic Algorithms
SP 2007 Long Nguyen T. Gilani Holographic Data Storage
SP 2007 Matt O'Connell T. Gilani Optical Switching
SP 2007 Michael Palmer S. Hendrick Computer Simulations of Type Ia Supernovae
SP 2007 Matt Schumacher S. Hendrick Simulations of Accretion Disks around a Neutron Star
SP 2007 Arzie Yeater P. Cooney Noncoalescence in Liquids of Similar Temperatures
SP 2006 Leah Gallek N. Dushkina Surface Plasmon Microscopy
SP 2006 John Gemmer M. Nolan Generalizations of the Brachistochrone Problem
SP 2006 David Saint John N. Dushkina Surface Plasmon Resonance Observation
FA 2006 Tanya Benway J.Dooley Photon Momentum