Seminar Projects

Seminar Projects Performed (1996-2000)

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Session Year Student Advisor Title
SP 2000 Lewis Hawk John Dooley Microwave Propagation in Ferrite Devices
SP 2000 Jeff Roberts Michael Nolan Linear Acceleration of Small objects by Electromagnetic Fields
SP 2000 Andrew Sensenig John Dooley The Ringing Kettle: Photon Momentum?
SP 2000 Brian Walter John Dooley Airfoil Lift
SP 2000 Bill Yoder Conrad Miziumski Aspects of Fluorescence
SP 2000 Michael Yonkunas Conrad Miziumski Sonoluminescence and Acoustic Levitation
FA 2000 Robert Lee Conrad Miziumski The Underwater Pendulum
SP 1999 Michael Barone Conrad Miziumski Polarization Effects Produced by Media and the Faraday Effect
SP 1999 Eric Koehler John Dooley Role that Dimples Play on the Drag of a Golf Ball
SP 1999 Keith Necker Michael Nolan Deflections of a Rotating Rod
SP 1999 Brian De Stephano John Dooley Energy Conservation in Collisions of Two Objects
FA 1999 Vincente Guiseppe Joseph Grosh Design of Mouthpieces for Brass Instruments
FA 1999 Errol Moyer Joseph Grosh Optical Fiber Light Propagation
FA 1999 Roxanne Underwood Pat Cooney Chaos in the Physical Pendulum
FA 1999 Trevor Wenger Michael Nolan Relaxation Dynamics of the One Dimensional Ising Model
FA 1999 Meron Wollie John Dooley Damped Pendulum
FA 1999 Delmar Zimmerman Conrad Miziumski Chaos in a Hamiltonian System
SP 1998 Keith Dailey John Dooley Determining Planck's Constant Using the Photoelectric Effect
SP 1998 James Farr Pat Cooney Aerodynamic Drag and the Effects of Riblets on the Surface of a Baseball Bat
SP 1998 Anthony Krishock Michael Nolan Orbital Determination for Hale-Bopp
SP 1998 Piotr Winkler Conrad Miziumski Automated Michelson Interferometry
SU 1998 Joseph Molnar Conrad Miziumski Exploring the Motions of a Generalized Pendulum: Quantifying Chaos
FA 1998 Christopher Atherton Joseph Grosh The Stereo Dipole Virtual Audio Imaging System
FA 1998 Jeremy Balliet John Dooley An Experimental Measurement of the Hall Coefficient
FA 1998 Anthony DiLorenzo Conrad Miziumski The Nonlinear Mixing of Acoustic Waves
FA 1998 Joseph Harple Joseph Grosh The Parallel Transmission Line
FA 1998 Keith McGuire Michael Nolan Universal Chaotic behavior of a Damped Driven Nonlinear Oscillator
FA 1998 Amanda Norum C.W. Price Understanding Diffraction
SP 1997 Heidi S. Bowers Pat Cooney Acoustic Measurements with White Noise
SP 1997 Timothy A. Funk Conrad Miziumski The Interesting and Chaotic Motions of a Generalized Pendulum
SP 1997 Shawn Lemke Pat Cooney Impact Study of Sear Plug Formation in Flagstone
SP 1997 Janet Pitkin Conrad Miziumski Oscillatory Chaos in an Electric Circuit
SP 1997 Carol Slovinac John Dooley Ultrasonics: Application of the Inversion and Phase Shift of Pulse Signals to the Medical Field
SP 1997 Wally Wills John Dooley Surface Topography Using Sound Waves
FA 1997 Louis Busedu Conrad Miziumski Sonoluminescence
FA 1997 Dehennis, Andrew Michael Nolan X-ray determination of crystal orientation
SP 1996 J. Marc Harnish C. W. Price Why Does Chalk Squeak?
SP 1996 Steven A. Kirk Michael Nolan Measuring the Doppler Effect Using a Heterodyning Circuit
SP 1996 Janet L. Malwitz Pat Cooney The Levitron: The Why's and How's
SP 1996 Thomas E. Miskelly, Jr. Conrad Miziumski Analysis of the Magnetization of 19th Century Pottery Bricks
SP 1996 Duzur Palmieri Michael Nolan The Brachistochrone Problem: A New Twist to an Old Problem
SP 1996 Brian M. Portock John Dooley Measurement of the Group Velocity of Light: In Water
SP 1996 Shawn Reinfried Michael Nolan The Influence of Shaft Material on Golf Club-Head Dynamics
SP 1996 Eric Withers John Dooley The Effect of Surface Tension on Fluid in Free Fall
FA 1996 Christopher French Nolan/ Miziumski Thermoacoustics
FA 1996 Hy C. Tang John Dooley The Velocity of Sound Through Jell-O