Seminar Projects

Seminar Projects Performed (1986-1990)

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Session Year Student Advisor Title
SP 1990 Diana L. Deaver Unknown The Mathematical Analysis of Deep and Shallow Water Particle Trajectories
SP 1990 Gregory de Vitry John Dooley Roddy's Shakes: Measuring Them.
SP 1990 Hugh Herr Michael Nolan Lower Extremity Prosthetics: The Static Equilibrium Conditions of the Lower Extremity Fluid Prosthetic Socket and the Amputated Limb, with Applications of Theoretical Results
SP 1990 Ned Longenecker Unknown A Learning Center to Study the Effect of Friction on a Rolling Sphere and its Brachistochrone
SP 1990 Martin Monaghan John Dooley An Investigation in Wing Dynamics
SP 1990 Stacey Ragan John Dooley Ultrasonic Testing of Steel for Cylindrical Defects
FA 1990 John M. Hilton John Dooley Assembling and Observing the Characteristics of a Driven Damped Pendulum
FA 1990 Darren Max Unknown Determination of a Neutron Flux and the Identity of an Unknown Radioactive Material
FA 1990 Glenn Zimmerman John Dooley Diatom Resonance Analysis
SP 1989 Richard Ellmaker Michael Nolan The Effect of Quenched Random Impurities on the Critical Phenomena of a Two Dimensional Ising Ferromagnet
SP 1989 Kimberly F. Haag John Dooley Viscoelasticity
SP 1989 Jeffrey M. Kaufhold Michael Nolan A Mathematical Analysis of the Stability of a Rattleback - A Peculiar Rigid Body
SP 1989 Christopher D. Sloop Joseph Grosh Implementation and Design of a Feasible Digital Seismograph
FA 1989 Louise A. Derose Unknown Methods of Solving Laplace Equation in Two Dimensions
FA 1989 Carolyn Fair Unknown A Vortex Amplifier
FA 1989 Kamala A. Frye John Dooley Index of Refraction of Plasma
FA 1989 Robert Lawson John Dooley Low Temperature Thermometry Using a Gas Thermometer
FA 1989 Robert A. Myers Michael Nolan An Analysis of the Motion of a Tippie Top
FA 1989 Charles J. Root Conrad Miziumski Motion of Free Falling Rotors
FA 1989 Elise Schlager John Dooley Holographic Diffraction Grating
FA 1989 Shoua Yang Pat Cooney Pattern Processing by Using Two-Dimensional Discrete Fourier Transform
SP 1988 Keith A. Aument Michael Nolan The Probability of Making the Single Ball and Combination Shots in the Game of Pocket Billiards
SP 1988 Matthew T. Buchko Unknown Increasing the Sensitivity of a Thermocouple Vacuum Gauge at Low Pressures
SP 1988 Jeffrey L. Gassert Conrad Miziumski Normal Modes in Mechanical Systems
SP 1988 Patrick T. Killian Conrad Miziumski Optical Rotary Dispersion
SP 1988 Timothy P. Kressly John Dooley Displacement Analysis of a Heated Aluminum Block by Double Exposure Holographic Interferometry
SP 1988 Marjorie K. Mcgaughey Michael Nolan Chaos and the "Chaotic" Pendulum
SP 1988 Eric Brian Molz John Dooley Using Time-Dependent Temperature to Calculate Diffusivity
SP 1988 H. David Rosenfeld John Dooley Measurement of Ultrasonic Shear-Wave Attenuation in Y-Ba-Cu-O
SP 1988 Stacy Shank John Dooley Wind Tunnels: A Learning Experience
SP 1988 Stephen R. Waddington Unknown Voltage Generation Through Flow of Liquid in Dielectric Tubes
SP 1988 Kevin R. Witman Unknown Photoelectric Photometry of the Star HD111487
SU 1988 Timothy D. Groff Unknown Frictional Force Dependent on Contact area
FA 1988 Andrew Hershey Michael Nolan Aerodynamic Lift on a Spinning Sphere
FA 1988 Tram M. Tran Michael Nolan Chaos In a Waterwheel
FA 1988 Christiaan Dennis Wubbolt Michael Nolan Achieving the Maximum Concentration Ratio for the Nonimaging Solar Concentrator
SP 1987 Mark A. Allen Zenaida Uy Diffraction Patterns from Surface Water Waves
SP 1987 Irene Campbell Zenaida Uy Relaxation Peak in Ammonium Hydroxide
SP 1987 Michael C. Currao Michael Nolan Graphical Representation of Heat Travel Using Relaxation Methods
SP 1987 Zalini Khan Michael Nolan Algorithmic Solution of the Diffusion Equation
SP 1987 Kevin A. Lafferty Unknown Multimode Optical Waveguides, A Ray Classification
SP 1987 John A. Moon Conrad Miziumski A Study of the Dispersion of Surface Polaritons on Silver
SP 1987 Jim Seidler Michael Nolan Designing a Light Tracking Device: An Experiment in Microprocessor Control
SP 1987 Paul M. Sier C.W. Price The Zeeman Effect
SP 1987 John E. Slezosky C.W. Price Fourier Analysis of the Bowed String
SP 1987 Curtis D. Snavely Unknown Constructing a Forced Damped Harmonic Oscillator
SP 1987 Jeffrey Way Conrad Miziumski The 50% Solution
SP 1987 Donald E. Winters Michael Nolan Experimental Analysis of Water Wave Propagation
SP 1987 Mary R. Zelinski John Dooley Sound Waves in Lab, in Theory, in Practice
FA 1987 Troy Herr Michael Nolan Air Resistance, and Cable Tension of the Hammer Throw
FA 1987 James E. Lindemuth Conrad Miziumski Using Group Theory to Determine the Normal Modes of Oscillation for Three Dynamic Systems
FA 1987 Charles G. Makosky Unknown An Investigation of the Ranque-Hilsch Vortex Tube"
FA 1987 Michael G. Rudler John Dooley A Study of the Coriolis Effect within a Mass Flow Meter
SP 1986 Judith L. Criddle Unknown Thermal Improvements for Windows
SP 1986 Bruce K. LaSala Pat Cooney Rutherford and the Atom: Development of a Computer Based Lesson Plan for use in the High School Classroom
SP 1986 Gregory J. Petrille John Dooley Microwave Communication's Antenna Relay System
SP 1986 Greg A. Walters Michael Nolan Hydraulic Jump in Circular Geometry
SP 1986 J. Michael Winey Unknown Dependence of a Diffraction Pattern on the Angle of Incidence
SP 1986 Carson H. Zirkle John Dooley Holographic Interferometry
FA 1986 Joyce Brown Pat Cooney Detection Systems for Particle-Induced X-ray Emission
FA 1986 Rick Martin John Dooley Diffraction of Light by Acoustic Standing Waves
FA 1986 James F. Ringlein John Dooley Demonstrating Conservation of Momentum in Introductory Physics